don't go

Zayn met a girl at a hotel that girls name is Leyah.Leyah love one direction so much.Zayn was her favorite out of all of them.


4. meet Elizabeth

Zayn's P.O.V

I wake up the next morning and call Leyah."Hey Leyah sleep well?" I said."Hey Zayn can my cousin come and meet you guys?" She said."Sure." I said.They came over and met her cousin Elizabeth."Hi." She says shyly."Hey,Hey,Hey,and Hey they all said to Elizabeth.Turns out that Elizabeth likes Niall.They started to go out.Leyah's phone starts to ring "Hello." It was her dad."Oh hi dad." She said."What i'm leaving tonigh!" She whispered."What is it Leyah?" I said to her."I'm leaving tonight." She said to me in sadness."But why we only got to be with each other for a week." I said."Things you love have to end Zayn i'm sorry." She said .Then we kissed.She let go and left with Elizabeth."I'm sorry Zayn I have to leave." She said yelling.

Leyah's P.O.V

As we left I felt a tear running down my cheek.I kept running home with Elizabeth.I couldn't stop crying all day then I got a phone call from Zayn.I answered it "Leyah i love you please don't go." He said on the phone "I have to Zayn." I said to him."But.." He said."If you really love something you have to let it free and if it comes back it belongs to you if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be.That's what my mom used to say when we were still a family." I said to Zayn."But i love you." He said."I know you do but you have to let go." I said to him."You have to move on Zayn ok." I said.Around 8:00 p.m. it was time to go.Zayn came and kissed me."Leyah please don't leave me I need you in my life please don't go i love you." He said."Please Leyah don't leave me i need you in my life." He said."Please." He said." I'm sorry Zayn I have to go never forget that I love you so much." I got in the cab and left to the airport.As I got there I started to see him every where.

                                                              TO BE CONTINUED

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