The Hunger Games Headcanons

A collection of the Hunger Games headcanons about every character in Susanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. Make requests below!

In the Headcanons collection:

Harry Potter Headcanons By: MssKenzie
The Hunger Games Headcanons By: Misskenzie


8. Head Canon 008: Haymitch Abernathy

 Haymitch had a girl back home before he left for the games. She was thin, tall and seemed to have a look of bitterness in her eyes. She was a survivor who spoke sarcasm fluently and challenged him every day and night. When Haymitch left for the games he promised her that he would return. All she said was “You better stay alive."

When he won and came back to District Twelve, he saw his family dead and was distraught. But when he saw the girl's dead body in his old home, he never could say a funny remark without hearing her voice in his head saying the last words he ever heard her say.

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