The Hunger Games Headcanons

A collection of the Hunger Games headcanons about every character in Susanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. Make requests below!

In the Headcanons collection:

Harry Potter Headcanons By: MssKenzie
The Hunger Games Headcanons By: Misskenzie


7. Head Canon 007: Johanna Mason

Johanna Mason never had any children of her own, nor did she get married. However, she had Annie and Finnick’s son who looked up to and adored her and that was all she ever needed. Even though it wasn't his name she always referred to him as Fin. He loved her almost as much as he loved Annie and Johanna taught him everything from throwing axes to talking to girls. He wasn't Finnick and couldn't replace her only friend but it was as good as it got and Johanna finally had a reason to live again.

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