The Hunger Games Headcanons

A collection of the Hunger Games headcanons about every character in Susanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. Make requests below!

In the Headcanons collection:

Harry Potter Headcanons By: MssKenzie
The Hunger Games Headcanons By: Misskenzie


6. Head Canon 006: President Coriolanus Snow

    Winter was starting to fade from the Capitol, and President Snow watched out his window as people in various styles and colors of clothing chatted and ambled through the streets, their only worry to keep up with the newest fashion and gossip.  

    "Pitiful fools" Snow drawled to himself. He paced away from his window to his desk where he picked up a rough, homemade arrow. To anyone else it would be of no significance, but to Snow it was a warning. He thought he'd squashed the problem before, but he forgot the persistence of cockroaches, having lived in the Capitol for so long. 

    As Snow turned the arrow over with his fingers his mind flashed back. 

    He saw a man with black hair and grey eyes. A hunter. Unimpressive except from when he would sing, the man wasn't important enough to bring suspicion to the Capitol, but Snow didn't and doesn't take chances. When the man went down to the mine one day, Snow had it set it so he wouldn't be going back home.  

    Hoping that would be the end of it Snow let the rest of the family be, but that was his first mistake. The mans daughter continued after her father. She hunted in the woods with a boy, openly defying Snow and mocking the Capitol. No no no, that would not do at all. He had to stomp out the sparks before they got out of hand.  

    Snow reached across his desk and, dialing a phone number as he did, The secretary picked up the phone, and after a few moments and a lot of nervous babble from the secretary, the person he called for picked up the phone. 

    "Seneca Crane speaking!" They answered cheerily, obviously not aware of who was calling. Snow felt a tiny flash of evil glee knowing he was about to make the other man miserable just because it was him.  

    "Your going to rig the district 12 reaping" Snow coolly informed Crane, and as he spoke he thought back over to the girl from district 12, the one they call Katniss. Despite loosing her father, she fought on for her family. If he had a heart Snow might possibly admire that, but his heart was colder than ice.  

    It would be too obvious if the girl was picked, so Snow knew he had to choose a different way to get to her. He could reap the boy but he wanted it to cut deeper than that. Someone closer to home. 

    "I want you to rig a merchant's son for the boys. We haven't had one of them in a while" Snow instructed, his lips curling up in a cruel smile. "And for the girl I want Primrose Everdeen." The smile grew to a grin. The Katniss girl loved her sister more than anything, and if he wanted to crush the girl, he had to use the perfect bait.

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