The Hunger Games Headcanons

A collection of the Hunger Games headcanons about every character in Susanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. Make requests below!

In the Headcanons collection:

Harry Potter Headcanons By: MssKenzie
The Hunger Games Headcanons By: Misskenzie


2. Head Canon 002: Katniss Everdeen

 For her wedding, Katniss wore the same dress that Annie had worn for hers, with hunting boots for shoes and a string of beads around her neck. Most of these were from Greasy Sae’s stall, but one was the pearl that Peeta had given her in the second arena, and another was given to her by Rue’s sister when she found Katniss after the Rebellion. Around her waist was a ribbon Effie had given her when she visited, hand in hand with a glowing Haymitch, a week before the wedding.

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