Elisha Dragone (Harry Potter)

(Marauders Era, Remus Lupin or Sirius black love story, I don't know yet)
Elisha Dragone is an Australian Muggle-born witch with an attitude problem hiding a huge secret, one that could make, or break, the wizarding world. With Voldemort on her tail the only safe place for her is Hogwarts. But being there will cause some problems. Mostly in the fact that she comes from another dimension, and that she holds the Harry Potter books in her possession, and is the only person who can read them. Is she ever going to be safe?


6. Werewolf

Hi people... I am writing a new book, it is called 'Thawing of Heart' and is a Tom Riddle love story. So, if you have time could you have a read? it would mean the world to me.


Elisha sat on a humungous armchair in the corner of the Gryffindor common room and began to do her homework. Proffessor Slughorn had given thye entire class six inches on the polyjuice potion, Flitwick wanted them to practice the summoning charm and then there was Mcgonagalls essay. It wasn't too much. She had been invited into the Slug Club (*snort) so she was due for a party to celebrate Proffessor Slughorn's birthday in a week. It was shocking that this had only been the first day; it felt like it had been a week.

Tommorrow was the full moon, and Elisha was planning on being there, and watching Remus so that she could maybe find a way to help. She knew how to make the wolfsbane potion, even though it hadn't been invented in that time yet she knew her potions, having looked them all up in her own dimension. She just needed to figure out a way to get the ingredients an give the potion to Remus, somehow. She already knew where she would be making it; in the girls bathroom that Moaning Murtle haunted. She was going to have to do something about the Chamber of secrets too- it could prove to be annoying.

Frowning, she went back to work, all the while plotting how to do this without accidentally killing anyone. The room emptied while she was working, and an hour after that The Marauders came down from their dorms. She watched them, careful to keep her face in shadow. Sirius and James were whispering to eachother whilst Peter was smiling dreamily at them like a girl with a crush.

Stupid rat.

"Yes I'm serious, Snivellus would notice if his clothes pink straight away. We need a spell that will make them normal to his eye but pink to everyone elses, that would be funnier." Sirius snorted.

"You're not Sirius, I'm Sirius." Peter burst into snorts that would give any pig a run for his money. Elisha raised her eyebrow.

The fabled 'Sirius' joke isn't very funny anymore Rat.

The three boys threw the cloak over themselves, hurrying off and obviously up to mischief. Remus, of course, was in the hospital wing. Elisha grinned to herself, picturing Severus in pink clothing. It would be a hilarious picture, which she would sadly have to stop as this may damage the relationship between Lily and Severus in some sort of fight, and she wanted them to be friends, at least.

Sighing, she gathered her books and headed upstairs. Tommorrow, her plan would be put into action. But tonight, she ws going to sleep.

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