Elisha Dragone (Harry Potter)

(Marauders Era, Remus Lupin or Sirius black love story, I don't know yet)
Elisha Dragone is an Australian Muggle-born witch with an attitude problem hiding a huge secret, one that could make, or break, the wizarding world. With Voldemort on her tail the only safe place for her is Hogwarts. But being there will cause some problems. Mostly in the fact that she comes from another dimension, and that she holds the Harry Potter books in her possession, and is the only person who can read them. Is she ever going to be safe?


2. The Sorting


Hey peeps! just saying, I have skipped the train part because I suck at writing that stuff, it sounds good in my head but on paper it is a befuddle. So, yeah... Basically, lets say she was in an empty compartment reading for the entire trip.  I can't believe I already have comments, I am also so happy! Sorry I took so long. And PS Alicia Keyes is my new co author, I'm waiting on another person but there's still one place left :)

By the way, this is from your queen of fruitloops, foreverhidingfromyou :)


"Let the sorting begin!" Elisha stared at the hat as the names were being called out. It was very... scruffy, more so than what she had imagined. She still wasn't used to all this magic stuff, even though she knew all about it.

"Dragone, Elisha." Whispers rippled through the hall as the fourteen-year-old girl stepped forward. Dumbledore stood up.

"Before Elisha is sorted I would like to tell you that she is going into her fourth year at Hogwarts, as due to cicumstance she received her letter late." Elisha stood tall, meeting the eye of everyone who looked at her. She knew them, she knew their weaknesses, she could survive them. She had to.

Putting the sorting hat on her head, Elisha sat down.


hmm, you're an interesting one.

"yeah... I suppose."

You are incredibly intelligent, you would do well in Ravenclaw, yet you are kind at heart and would make a good Hufflepuff. You have cunning and you are willing to succeed, you would make a brilliant Slytherin.

"Please not Slytherin!"

Do not worry, your bravery and strength are the most powewrful. It had better be


"Gryffindor!" There was a sort of subdued clapping as the Gryffindors stared at the new member of their house She was strange, they decided, but beautiful and friendly enough. She was soon accepted into the midst of the fourth year girls as Lily and Alice moved apart to make room for her.

"Thanks." Elisha smiled at the girls, happy that she had been accepted despite her strangeness.

"No trouble, we need more girls in the group. The boys have started to overpower us!" Lily laughed lightly, smiling at her new room-mate, who smiled back.

"I'm Lily, and she's Alice." Alice was a short, nervous looking girl with blue eyes and a round face. Elisha grinned at her.

"Hi, Alice."

Alice smiled shyly and turned her head away to begin eating. A boy nearby turned his head to look at her, and Elisha realised with a jolt that it was Sirius Black, the Sirius Black. She felt slightly sick. This boy was going to die, killed by his own cousin.

"Hey hottie." Elisha raised an eyebrow. So flirtatious, hey?

"I'm actually as cold as ice- my feet are about to fall off." That shut him up. Elisha began to stuff herself with the delicious foods in front of her. she had just finished her pudding when Dumbledore stood up.

Just the normal rules. No one allowed in the forest, forbidden stuff on filches door blah blah blah. Elisha knew it all already. Before she knew it her and her fellow gryffindors were stumbling into the common room with the password 'godric' and into bed. There was no time to think before dr\arkness enclosed her.

What do you think? Long chapter next time!


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