Elisha Dragone (Harry Potter)

(Marauders Era, Remus Lupin or Sirius black love story, I don't know yet)
Elisha Dragone is an Australian Muggle-born witch with an attitude problem hiding a huge secret, one that could make, or break, the wizarding world. With Voldemort on her tail the only safe place for her is Hogwarts. But being there will cause some problems. Mostly in the fact that she comes from another dimension, and that she holds the Harry Potter books in her possession, and is the only person who can read them. Is she ever going to be safe?


11. Oh yay

so I realized that I haven't been helping much with this movella so I'm gonna try this chapter xD Gia-

Gia I'm going to feed you to a turtle jk it was good but I had an idea for this dun dun dunnnn btw Remus is still in wolf form and he can't speak to the others because Elisha is special so yeah soz probably should have said something-forever hiding

Ps you are too doing stuff for this it's my fault because I'm a lazy slacker

Remus POV

I've never been able to speak with another person in wolf form before.

This is weird, too weird.

We finally made our way out of the tunnel for Elisha to be tackled by Sirius.

He was barking madly and baring his teeth.

Elisha just lay there, giving him a wtf look.

She barked and this time I couldn't understand her, but Sirius seemed to have heard as he awkwardly got off of her, spinning to me.

Aw, is Sirius jealous?

Wait, am I jealous?

He gives me a doggy glare which makes him look idiotic. I growl.


Well sh*t

I jump Inbetween Sirius and Remus with James and noticed peter wasn't here.

Must be sick or something.

James gives me a questioning look and I bark to him.

"G'day James, Elisha Dragone here. I'm not going to eat you or anything so you can chill, I'll explain later."

If I can explain. We turn simultaneously and manage to calm the two idiots down

So this is the end of the chapter, I changed it a lot (sorry Gia) because I have an idea (I'll tell you in co-author comments Gia) and so does Gia we will be using both and yeah I'm leaving you in suspense after teasing you with these comments so I should shut up

Btw my other account is beautiful_darkness and I'm writing a JEFF the killer fanfic if you're interested.

Bye my fruitloops

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