Elisha Dragone (Harry Potter)

(Marauders Era, Remus Lupin or Sirius black love story, I don't know yet)
Elisha Dragone is an Australian Muggle-born witch with an attitude problem hiding a huge secret, one that could make, or break, the wizarding world. With Voldemort on her tail the only safe place for her is Hogwarts. But being there will cause some problems. Mostly in the fact that she comes from another dimension, and that she holds the Harry Potter books in her possession, and is the only person who can read them. Is she ever going to be safe?


5. Dumbledore

Sorry for taking so looooooong to update, I feel really bad because I hate it when my favourite authors do that. So, without ado, let us begin!

Elisha strode down the hallway, arriving at The Gargoyles that lead to Dumbledore's office in a matter of minutes. She opened the much folded piece of paper in her hand, checking the password.

"Pumpkin Pasties." The grinning gargoyles lept aside and she stepped onto the whizzing staircase, knocking on Dumbledore's wrought-gold door.

"Come in." With a nervous smile, Elisha opened the door and stepped shyly into the room. This seemed scarier now that she was actually speaking face-to-face with Dumbledore.

"Uh, hi Professor Dumbledore." He smiled, eyes twinkling, and gestured to the armchair in front of his desk.

"Please, Miss Dragone, take a seat." She sat, feet dangling and inwardly cursing her small frame.Dumbledore seemed to sense this and chuckled.

"What did you want to see me about Elisha?" He asked, suddenly serious. Elisha took a deep breath.

Now or never.

"I come from another Dimension, and I know how to defeat Tom Riddle, more well known as Lord Voldemort." Dumbledore stared down at her in shock.

"But, but... how?" Elisha held out the bag she was clutching. He opened it, pulling out seven books covered in gibberish.

"Is this some sort of practical joke?" Elisha looked at him, the epitome of sirius. Ha ha, Sirius. No, she was SERIOUS. Elisha took the books from his hands, opening the first.

"This book is called Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. It is written in the language of my dimension, by J.K. Rowling, from a vision she once had. And to prove that these books are not a practical joke, I will tell you some of your biggest secrets, involving Your brother Aberforth, your late mother and sister and your best friends of childhood. Or is that enough?" Dumbledore went pale.

"I'm sorry for being so stern, Professor, but I need to get my point across." Dumbledore stared at the amazing child in front of him. She could be the key, the key to the end of Lord Voldemort and of the end of these dark times. He gestured towards her with his hand.

"Please, tell me how this all came to be." Elisha froze. Oops. She didn't exactly want to re-live these moments right now, but she kind of had to.

Well, here it goes. Insanity must run in my family...

"In my dimension I live in Mortlake, Australia. It's a small town on the bottom coast, and not much interesting ever happened. The 'Harry Potter' series is just a popular set of books, though I always wished that it would be real. I was walking home from school when it... it happened." Dumbledore nodded.

"Please, go on." Elisha took another deep breath and continued.

"There was a loud crack, and a group of strangely-dressed guys holding wands materialised in front of me. I thought it was a practical joke. Ten one of them spoke. He told me that I had been chosen to travel with them to another world, where I would meet the amazing Dark Lord, their master, and help him by reading the Harry Potter books to him so that he could defeat his greatest enemy, Harry Potter. That was when it clicked. These people were death-eaters. I tried not to react as he continued. He told me that they had just perfected a spell that permitted them to travel between dimensions, and that I was to come with them. I told him straight away that he was a pompous idiot. I don't think he was very impressed."

"He shouted a weird incantation, and suddenly I was swirling in a weird reality where up was down and nothing made sense. But I think he got the incantation wrong, because I was transported to many years earlier, and arrived inside diagon alley. I created an alternate name and story for myself, a tragic orphan whos pureblood family had been killed by Death-Eaters after being found out after being in hiding for so long. That was what I told you, and to my shock the man that I told, by the name of Jake Weasley. He told me that he had known the late Dragone's and that they had a daughter that looked just like me as a baby and had the same3 name as my fake one. He gave me the key to a gringotts vault, a key that had been put in his care."

"Soon after that I received my Hogwarts letter in the room I was staying in, met you and you know the rest." She sat back down, realising that she had been pacing the entire time. Dumbledore and the portraits along the wall were in varying states of shock, from completely disinterested to fainting from the horror of it all. Dumbledore closed his mouth, his face curious.

"Do you believe that you have the ability to defeat Voldemort?" Elisha nodded.

"You must be tired from telling me that, we will leave the rest for another day. For now, I believe you have potions. You had better not be late." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled and Elisha stumbled out of the room, somehow making it to the dungeons on time.

Well, that was... interesting.

She called for Alice and Lily to wait up and walked into the room with them, laughing at James when he failed at another attempt at getting Lily to go out with him and putting her meeting with Dumbledore far from her mind.

I got braces last week! :( They don't hurt so much now, but are still a nuisance. Anyway, what do you think of this chapter? It took me a while to figure out this part of her back story, but she is still leaving stuff out! For, sh wasn't walking alone... or was she? }:)





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