Elisha Dragone (Harry Potter)

(Marauders Era, Remus Lupin or Sirius black love story, I don't know yet)
Elisha Dragone is an Australian Muggle-born witch with an attitude problem hiding a huge secret, one that could make, or break, the wizarding world. With Voldemort on her tail the only safe place for her is Hogwarts. But being there will cause some problems. Mostly in the fact that she comes from another dimension, and that she holds the Harry Potter books in her possession, and is the only person who can read them. Is she ever going to be safe?


12. a useless a/n

Hey guys it's Gia (Mezzapezdespenser), I know, we haven't updated in a long time and I am so deeply sorry. I'm going to make sure that the next chapter makes up for it though. And if it doesn't? Please don't kill me is  I have to say. Or my wonderful co-author. Hit me up on Wattpad (that sounded to weird) if you wanna read some of my stories that aren't fanfics. @giagiagia_7 





Please forgive me I'm so sorry it's taking so love I love you my Little Pez Dispensers.


Ps. This is how I picture Elisha in animangus form

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