New Beginning

A new beginning starts each new day. We can all have a new beginning if we want to.


5. With The Devil

With the devil you are playing

When you cheat and lie

Your cheating heart and hands

When you seek these things


You are asking for trouble

You may have something missing

It could be your conscience

Don't look for someone else


To fill that spot

You have a hole to fill

Deep in your soul

Don't weave a lie of deceit


Weed out the bad

Change your thoughts

Things are not always

As bad as you thought


Never wreak a home

Just because you can

It will come back and

Haunt you for the rest of your life


When you have a partner of deceit

Forget about a journey of love

You won't have any peace

Just more lies and deceit


Because once they have done it

They will do it to you

Then you will know how it feels

To have a life with lies and deceit


With the devil you are playing

When you let him in your heart

He will break you down

And shatter you into

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