New Beginning

A new beginning starts each new day. We can all have a new beginning if we want to.


6. Velvet Clouds

With a million stars

Dancing in the sky

Dark velvet clouds

Moon rising up


A tiny drop of dew

Door wide open

The moonlight shimmered

Like green velvet


The trees were swaying

Evening breeze was blowing

Leaves were falling

Lightly on the ground


As shadows fall

So graceful and full

I was dancing

With the shadow on the wall


My arms were out

As I watched you dance

Moving so slow

As you glanced my way


You was amazing

Turn my way

As I sway

Now stay I say


Come and join me

From the window sill

The walls are caving in

Give yourself to me this night


Our souls are together

Bending our steps as one

I will give you a note

As my love shines for you


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