New Beginning

A new beginning starts each new day. We can all have a new beginning if we want to.


8. I Touch The Sky

I touch the sky

As the mountains I climb

Reach for the stars

Meet the moon


See a smiling face

There's a glow

In the dark

The clouds dark and black


A memory lingers

As the moment moves on

In the Heavens

The angels sing


The city is lit

With lights bright

As a cry comes about

With a sigh


I touch the sky

With hands up high

With a pain in my heart

I can hardly stand


As the night glitters

Like a diamond in the sky

I have lost my memories

Of the steps I have to climb


To reach the top

I am close to Heaven

As I reach for the sky

Listen to the sound


Of the angels on high

Like a whisper in the night

Wings spread wide

Holding tight

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