New Beginning

A new beginning starts each new day. We can all have a new beginning if we want to.


3. I Thank God

Every time I look at the sky

See the clouds way up high

Think about the angels in glory

About the streets of gold


I thank God

See the leaves fall from the trees

Watch the flowers bloom

See the grass under my feet


I thank God

See a new day begin

Watch children play

Mothers so proud


Daddy showing pictures

I thank God

See a sick person get healed

See someone get something they deserve


Watch a sunset go down

Take a walk on the beach

I thank God

See someone in need


Get what they need

See someone cry and wipe their tears

See someone saved

I thank God


To know I have a home

Way up high

Where God can welcome me home

Say child your here to stay


I thank God

For waking up to another day

Knowing your with me to stay

Knowing your there for me


When I need you

That your not going to walk away

That I have your love

I thank God

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