It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


13. The Surprise!


Savannah's POV

When I looked at it I was so amazed.

Justin: So, will you go on the cruise with me?

Savannah: Hell yea! Do you even have to ask?

Justin: Haha, well what are we waiting for then?

Savannah: What about the luggage?

Justin: Oh, they'll get it, no worries.

Savannah: Justin...what about your car?

Justin: Oh that, Kenny is coming to pick it up.

Savannah: Oh sweet, let's go!

Justin: Haha are you excited?

Savannah: Hell yea! How could someone not be excited?

We go on board and Justin checks in,while I look around. Wow, this is beyond amazing.

Justin: So what do you think so far?

Savannah: I think it's amazing, it's so beautiful!

Justin: Good that's what I was hoping for, do you wanna see the rest?

Savannah: Um, Justin...I do have a question.

Justin: Hmm, well go ahead.

Savannah: Where exactly is this cruise going to take us?

Justin: We are going to the....Bahamas

Savannah: No way!

Justin: Mhm, lets go to our room and un pack.

We walk to our room and I couldn't believe how fancy this place was. I saw a big pool, Jacuzzi, shit the pool even had a huge water slide. We get to the room and there's a balcony, I walk straight towards it and lean on he rail and sigh in content. This must be the best room cause it seems like it's the only one with a balcony. Justin comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

Justin: Do you like it?

Savannah: No Justin.

Justin: You don't?

I twist my head so I can get a view of his face, he frowns looking very upset. He lets go of me and runs his hand through his head.

Savannah: I love it, of course! I'm not ungrateful. I'd be happy just sitting on a park bench with you silly.

I pull him back to me and kiss him, I pull back and smile. For some reason I can't stop the tears from falling.

Justin: Babe, why are you crying?

Savannah: Because I love you so much! I know it seems fast but these past few days have been the happiest of my life. I never ever want to lose you Justy.

Justin: I love you too shawty.

I smile and kiss him again. I'm so happy that I can't wipe my smile off my face. What did I do to deserve such and amazing person? He could seriously have anyone in the world and he chose me, I can't help but wander why.

Savannah: Lets go check out the rest of the room!

I grab his hand and pull him toward the bedroom, when I walk in I don't expect to find what I see. In big fancy letters it says.....

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