It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


4. Savannah's Reaction!

*Savannah's POV*

Savannah:'s nice I guess.

I couldn't tell you hurt I am I shouldn't even be feeling this way. Honestly I should just try to get away while I still can. This ins't good for either of us, maybe it's best that nothing has happened it'd probably end up ending in shit anyways. 

Justin: Yes, but I'm thinking about breaking up with her.

A smile starts spreading across my face, even though I just thought that 'us' shouldn't happen. I'd be lying to myself if I said I that I didn't care that he was thinking about breaking up with her cause honestly I'm fucking happy about it.

Justin: Yes..I someone else.

Annnnd there go my smile and good mood, lol of course this was going to happen. Haha Justin Bieber likes me, that's the most absurd thing ever like why did I even think that it was a possibility? 

Justin: Savannah, earth to Savannah?

Savannah: Uh..yea?

Justin: What's wrong?

Savannah: Nothing, I.. just..uh guess I like you, but you like someone else so..

Justin: Savannah, you're the one that I like!

Savannah: Really?

Justin: Yea, I mean you're beautiful, your smile is amazing, I could get lost in your eyes,and a lot of reasons but that'd take forever to explain all of them.

When he said that I felt like one of the most lucky girls in the world, I just wanted to kiss I did. This felt absolutely amazing, I felt the spark just like before. Will I ever get tired of that feeling? I'm so confused, what does this all mean? Are we together, are we just friends with benefits, or are we just friends? honestly I don't know anything is possible and he could easily change his mind.Justin has become a really important person in my life, this might sound weird but I think I already love him, even though I just met him. I just can't explain it. Instead of him putting his tongue in my mouth this time I gently rubbed my tongue on his bottom lip. By now Justin has pushed me up against the wall. He slowly pulled away and just stared at my eyes, finally getting a good look at his eyes, they were so beautiful that I became breathless, and not just because we made out for like ten minutes straight. 

*Justin's POV*

I was so surprised when she kissed me,let alone put her tongue in my mouth, but hey I wasn't complaining. This was even more hotter than last time, why does she make me feel this way? I can't seem to control myself when I'm around her. I got a bit handsy and I slid my hand up her shirt not going to her bra or anything but just slowly sliding my hands down and up her curves. I knew better than to put my hands in her bra, but that doesn't mean that I didn't want to cause trust me, I really did. I'll just wait till I break up with Rebecca,and go on a date with and get to know Savannah. Then I'd definitely ask her out. I guess you could say that I really liked her A LOT. I just hope she feels the same. Like thirty minutes passed already and I needed my breath, so I kissed her jaw until I got to her neck.

*Savannah's POV*

Oh my god, he's kissing my neck and I'm like insanely ticklish, don't get me wrong, it felt great. Oh no if he doesn't stop I'm going to scream/moan and I don't want to do either. I want him to stop so I don't scream.

Savannah: J..justin stop tickles.

Justin: But you taste good.

He smiles on my neck,and that didn't help this situation at all.

Savannah: Justin s..stop I'm going to get a Bieber mark.

Justin: Hmm..I think I wont,you know it feels good,and also I want you to get my Bieber mark.

He says while still kissing and sucking on my neck. I have to get him to go back to my lips, I can't take it anymore. I grab his face and put his lips on mine. Ah better since he's not tickling me anymore. 

*Justin"s POV* 

Oh my god she tastes yummy, I thought that it was just her lips and tongue, boy was I wrong. Again we made out for awhile, but then she needed to breath so she goes down to my neck. Oh my god, if she keeps doing that I'm going to like moan, ohh jesssh I can't take it anymore.

Justin: S..s..savannah s..s..stop p..p..please.

Savannah: Why, don't you like it?

I can feel her smirk on my neck.

Justin: It feels...uh great..but just stop please! I'm going to get a Savannah mark then mommy's going to kill me.

Savannah giggles, (cutest thing I have ever heard).

Savannah: Now you know how I feel Bieber.

Jeesh she's a bad girl and wont stop, it's too late and I moan really loud. She comes back to my lips and smiles throough our kiss. I know she heard it and I know it gave her a satisfying feeling. I wanted to get going but of course we get interrupted, AGAIN, and of course it's the one and only Mike. 

Mike: Dude what's taking you guys so long?....oh uh...never mind.

She pulls back breathing heavily.

Justin: What The Fuck? Mike I was having a good time!

Mike: Justin what's on your neck?

Justin: Dude! Are you really that stupid, it's called a hickey.

Mike: I'm not stupid, I knew that.

Then why ask the fucking question then? He looks down then at Savannah,which he should really stop doing, she's mine and never will be his. Wow I've never been this jealous before.

Mike: UGGH! Savannah, you have one too.

Justin: No dip, how could I have avoided her her yummy neck?

I chuckle, wow I really hate this guys, he should really just back off. 

Mike: I'm..uh just going to go to the set.

Savannah: Bye Mike, and by the way next time you walk in on us, just walk away. I was having fun and you ruined it.

He walks away, and a smug look soon goes on my face. She's MINE, and it'll stay that way. 

Justin: So you were having fun? Shit I was having beyond fun.

I smirk, wow this has been a great day, I am truly happy. 

Savannah: Well thank you I guess.

She giggled and my heart skipped a beat, so cute that giggle of hers.

Justin: Well anyways Savannah I was thinking, will you go on a date with me?


[This seemed like it took forever to type. My ass hurts so this will be the last chapter I do tonight. I'm not sure when I'll publish the next chapter and I'm not making any promises either because I'm a big procrastinator. And specially since all the chapters are the front and back of notebook paper each. I also know what you're thinking right now "Ain't nobody got time to read this, so therefore sorry for keeping you and goodbye, much love.]



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