It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


6. :o

*Savannah's POV*

Justin: Oh.


He looks down, does that mean it's a big deal to him? I start tearing up because I'm thinking things will change between us, just because I'm fourteen. I start to get up, I just couldn't stand the awkward silence anymore.


Justin: Where are you going? 

Savannah: I'm..uh.. just going to go home.

Justin: What Why?

Savannah: Because when I told you my age you got all quite and you looked down. Obviously it's a big deal to you, so I'm just going to go home.

Justin: No Savannah, I don't care about age, I've said this before in interviews if you don't believe me.

Savannah: Then why'd you get all quite?


I can't tell you how relieved I am, I thought that all of this was going to be over. For some reason I feel really close to him. He knows what it's like with this kind of life, and I know that I can trust him. Even if we don't date or anything we will be really good friends.


Justin: I was shocked, you seem WAY older than you are.

Savannah: Oh, I guess I just overreacted. 

Justin: No, no you didn't.


I sigh of relief and decide to change the subject.


Savannah: So Justin what's your favourite thing to do?

Justin: Well recently it's been hanging out with you.

Savannah: OMB!  Thanks! Haha yea that'd right you're my Bieber!

I put a smirk on my face. Yes it might not be official yet, but he will be mine. And no I'm not like a stalker or anything I just really like him and I don't want to share him with anyone. Besides his fans of course but they can't have the way I do, ya know?

Justin: I will gladly be your Bieber!


He laughs and it's just the cutest sound. He sure is something special.


Justin: Will you tell me about your family?


Fuck this is a really touchy subject for me.


Savannah:'s complicated.

Justin: Awh babe that's ok, you don't have to tell me.

Savannah: It's fine, I want to tell you...well anyways when I was very little my mother and father split up. I had to choose between them, I choose my , and a little bit after that she told us we were moving to Florida. My only communication to my dad was writing letters and I was only four at the time. After we moved back I really missed my father so I lived with him for awhile but I moved back with my mom after awhile because I was in a marching band twirling baton and it took too much of my time, and I never got to see my mom because of it. It didn't help that she lived two hours away and my father wasn't interested in taking me. I was in constant worry because my mom has seizures. Once I moved back with my  mother she got offered a job in Hollywood so we moved and here I am.

Justin: Babe I'm so sorry!


He gets up and gives me a hug. We stay there for awhile, it's really comforting me, like I said this is a very touchy subject.


*Justin"s POV*

When she told about her family,and what happened I fell for her even harder. I was still hugging her when the waiter came in with our food.


Waiter: Oh, I'm sorry, but here's your food.


He walks away, I'm not sure Savannah still even wants to eat after this emotional subject.


Justin: Are you still hungry?

Savannah: Yea, I'm fucking starving.


We start eating, and I'm still thinking about what she told me when we grab the same noodle. I finally get to the end of the noodle where her mouth is. Our lips meet and I can feel the spark between us. I kiss her with all the passion that I can, I don't put my  toungue in her mouth because I don't want to ruin the moment.


Savannah's POV*

Oh my, this is the best kiss I have ever gotten. There was just so much passion. We stayed in the exact spot for what seemed like forever and I was not complaining. We heard a noise so we pulled apart and saw that a pap was there, also we needed our breath.


Justin: You got your picture, can you leave now, please?

Pap: I got what I wanted so sure.


He leaves and we both just smile and start eating again.


Savannah: Justin?

Justin: Yes?

Savannah: Will you tell me about yourself?

Justin: Sure, what would you like to know?

Savannah: It doesn't matter.

Justin: OK, um.. I have a little brother and sister. I love my mom so much, she is my world I dunno what I'd do without her, and I would not be here if t wasn't for her.


His love for his mom is adorable and I know he means it. It brings a smile to my face.


Justin: Also my fans are my world, I love them with all my heart. They bring me so much joy and I hate disappointing them, it's the worst feeling in the world.

Savannah: Awh Justin, you're the sweetest!

Justin:Thanks babe! Savannah, I have to ask you something.

Savannah: OK, go ahead shoot!

Justin: Will you be my shawty?


I was shocked! I was sad but also very happy. The reason I was sad was because.. I..uh..sorta have a boyfriend.

[AN: Hi well  um the whole thing about the parents are true, besides the whole living with her now thing and moving to Hollywood. It a touchy subject for me but I dunno I still out it in there. Anyways on a lighter note I wanted to ask if I should update like every other date. Because if there is anyone that is like really interested in the story I don't want them to have to wait for an update ya know? Welp let me know I suppose.]


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