It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


8. Mom, can I ask you a question? (Btw you live with your mom now)

Justin's POV

I'm so nervous, she still hasn't answered my question and I can see the pain on her face. Did I do something?

Savannah: Of course, I'd love too.    I let out my breath, I didn't even notice I was holding it in. Man I'm the most happiest, luckiest man right now. Justin: would you like dessert?    Savannah: I'm actually kinda stuffed, I wouldn't mind waiting if you wanted some though.  Justin: Ah no babe I'm fine, Let's go. As she gets up I grab her coat and help her out it on. As we step outside the restaurant we are bombarded with question by paparazzi.  Pap: Justin how is it going to work between you too when you're leaving in a week?  Ah shit, I completely forgot about that, what are we going to do? Justin: Thanks for all the questions bit I really should get Savannah home, it's getting quite late.  I put my hand on Savannah"s lower back to guide her to the car while also protecting her from the fans and paps. I look down at her face and I see her sad expression and it feels like a punch in the gut. I feel horrible. I feel like shit right now, I never even considered that I'm leaving next week, how careless of me, I bet she didn't even know. Justin: Savannah, do you think I could stay the night?  Savannah: I would like that but it's not really up to me. Savannah's POV  After the long drive we finally arrive at my mom's house. I walk straight in and yell "MOM I'M HOEM, WHERER ARE YOU?"  Mom: I'm in the music room honey.  You see both sides of my family are really talented in  singing and acting. My dream is to be a singer. I walk in the music room and she my mom at the piano, I swear she just lights up a whole room, everyone says I have her beauty for sure.I smile to myself, she's so precious. Savannah: Hey mom, this is Justin Bieber, my um... boyfriend.  I give her that look that screams "don't you fucking say a word about Charles or I will kill you!"   Mom: Hi Justin. My name is Janien.  Justin: Nice to met you Mrs. Weaver.  Mom: Nice to meet you too, but call me Nene.  Savannah: Well mom, you see Justin is leaving in a week to go back to tour, can he stay the night? It's just we want to spend some more time together.  Mom: yes he may, on one condition.  Savannah: err.. ohkay shoot.  Mom: Use protection! And with that she bust out laughing but yet completely serious at the same time. I look at Justin to see his reaction, he looks shocked but then I see his mouth to tur into a smirk. Shake my head what a perv. Savannah: Wtf mom?  Mom: What? Now get out, I have to go back to work. Savannah: alright Love you mom, don't work too hard.   I take Justin's hand and pull him towards my mom's room. I go to the side of the bed to the night stand and pull out condoms. Justin's just looking at me shocked. Probably thinking, "Man, I'm getting lucky tonight." Justin"s POV. Justin: Savannah, can we um maybe wait till we know eachother better?  Savannah: Justin don't worry this is just in case we go overboard. Trust me if we don't the farthest I'll let you go is under my shirt. She just smirks and shakes her head, man what a tease haha. Justin: mm, can't wait.  Savannah: you're a perv.  I chuckle and she just grabs my hand and pulls me toward her room. Mm I can't get the though of my hands under her shirt, it's all I can think about in that second. My hormones are way out of control haha. I walk into her room and she something so unexpected! Wow!!!


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