It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


1. Meeting Someone Special

My name is Savannah, fourteen years of age and I'm an actress.I'm short and have bright red haair and hazel eyes, some would say that I'm really pretty, but I believe other wise. We are having a guest star this week and I'm pretty excited to meet him.

Director:well guys listen up when Mr.Bieber comes behave. 

Savannah:  Pssst of course we willl!

Tony:Really director, you expect us to misbehave?

Director: Yea, I am. You guys can get out of control sometimes.

Justin and his manager walk in.

Director: Hi! Br. Braun and Mr. Bieber. Um Justin this is the cast you'll be working with the most this week. I'll just let you guys talk while Mr. Braun and I talk buisness. 

Mr. Braun: Please, just call me Scooter! 

They walk off and I look over at Justin, he's like really cute.

Savannah: Hi! Justin, I'm Savannah. 

Justin: Hello Savannah! 

Mike: Yo,Justin I'm Mike.

Justin: Hey Mike.

Justin went off to meet the other cast members. While I got bored and played on the set. I went to the monkey bars because they are seriously so fun. I was swinging on the monkey bars when I saw Mike come over. 

Mike: Hey Savannah.

Savannah: Hi.

Mike said something really funny and I fell over with laughter, you see Mike always flirts with me because he likes me. I've never really liked him but his still hasn't given up on me yet. 

*Justin's POV*

I walked in where Mike and Savannah were and I saw them laughing. Savannah looked really beautiful and funny on the ground laughing. Wait! What am I thinking? I have a girlfriend.

Justin: Why is she on the ground laughing?

Mike: Oh I just said something funny.

Justin: Oh I see.

I bend down and pick up some wood chips and throw them at Savannah.

Savannah: Hey Biebs, what was that for?

Justin: Oh I have no idea what you're talking about.

I smirk and pick up more and throw them at her again. 

Savannah: Oh really? We're going to play this are we? Ok Bieber you're dead!

I start running, dang she's fast. 

Justin: Savannah you're never going to catch me, so you might as well give up! 

I yelled, I starting thinking about how pretty she is, her eyes are amazing, her lips, her everything. I can't stop asking myself why I'm feeling this way, seriously why? I just met her, I don't understand. I guess I kinda got distracted thinking about her because she kinda caught up with me and tackled me to the ground. She fell on top of me, I guess we got stuck in the moment. Anyways I went for it and kissed her, I felt my lips my lips tingle and it was the best kiss I've ever gotten. I felt her shock against my lips but she soon relaxed and kissed me back. I got excited and I rubbed my tongue against her bottom lip just begging for access to her mouth. I've never felt this spark with anyone before and it really is catching me off guard, like what is going on? I was really getting into it when someone cleared their throat.  I don't know who did it but I really hate them right now. She pulled back, I frowned but quickly hid it. I looked up and everyone, and I mean everyone was just staring at us. It got awkward reallllllll fast. 

[End of chapter one, again sorry if this bores you, I seriously wrote this when I was fourteen and I am now seventeen, so my apologies. Ok I know you don't want to hear me talk (or should I say read?) so bye. Hope you enjoy.]

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