It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


9. Her room! Me + her + bed = ??


Justin's POV. I found a huge art piece on her wall, it was so amazing. Justin: Did you paint this? Savannah: Yea, my mom said I could whatever I wanted and I'm obsessed with Greek mythology.


Justin: It's beautiful! I can't believe you're this talented.

Savannah: Oh it's nothing.    I take her hand and lead her to the bed. I'm not going to do what you think I'm going to. I just want to lay down with her in my arms, I think it's time that we really get to know each other better. Justin: So when's your birthday?  Savannah: April 19th 1996.  Justin: Sweet, a month after mine, we can spoil each other, can't wait. I smile I plan on being with her for a very long time and to spend many birthday's spoiling each other.  Justin: This mat seem like a weird and personal question, but I was just wandering.  Savannah: Ohkay...shoot.  Justin: Are you a virgin?  I see her jaw drop, and she seems kinda hurt.  Savannah: no not really, but kinda. I was stunned, hurt, angry you name it, I mean I know I have no right I'm sure I'm not her first boyfriend ever but still. Justin: I'm confused, will you explain? Savannah: I don't really like talking about it but I guess you deserve to know. I was at my bestfriends house, and I was going out with her cousin. She fell asleep and he wanted to have sex, I wanted to a little bit but I backed out. He got annoyed and said, " I knew you were going to do this, I don't even know why I came over." He spent hours trying to convince me and saying mean shit, I was only 14 and too scared to lose him. So I caved in, It went in about an inch and about it. I was so upset that after that I stopped talking to him completely, I felt like such a disgrace and ashamed. Savannah's POV.  I started crying remembering that night, I know most girls have gone through so much worse but I was 14 and so incredibly stupid, I wish I could take that night back but I can't. I should have been grown and just kept saying no, it will be the worst mistake I'll ever make.


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