It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


12. Four Days?

(A/n Hey Savannah here, I just want to ask how you're liking the story so far? Also please give me some feedback lie how can I make the story better, what you would like to read about, anything that I should improve on. I just want to make this the best reading experience I can. That is all. Xoxo Savannah.)

Justin's POV

When Autumn walked in I was stunned. She's like really pretty. Wait Justin stfu I can't think that way, I'm falling for Savannah.

Savannah's POV

Autumn: Bitch, you're going out with Justin Bieber, the most sexiest guy in the world, and you didn't tell me? I'm so incredibly hurt.

Justin: uh.. haha thanks.

Savannah: I didn't think it was a big deal, plus it just kinda happened. Dang calm yo ass down. And can you please get out so I can get dressed?

Autumn: Yea, hey Justin, want to join me for breakfast?

Justin: I think I'm just gonna stay here with Savannah, she looks too sexy right now to leave, ya know?

Autumn: Oh.. this is awkward.

Savannah: Just get out please! I'm like naked and you just have the door wide open. I don't want Jake to see me, now that would be awkward.

Autumn: Ugh fine. Bye Justin.

She finally closes the door. I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda annoyed, I get he's Justin Bieber but he's mine and she's not even trying not to flirt. Maybe I'm over reacting.

Justin: What I said is the truth, you really do look sexy right now.

Savannah: Oh, I know babe. What kind of stuff do I need to pack for the trip?

Justin: Hmm, something sexy of course.

Savannah: You're such a perv.

Justin: Hmm I know, now get to packing, the weather should be really nice.


After about 30 minutes I finish packing, it looks like I'm moving. A girl can never have too many change of clothes

Savannah: Hey, I'm done.

Justin: OK, cool. Let's go sweet cheeks.

He slaps my ass and grabs all of my bags like a true gentleman. I go to the kitchen to fix us some food before out trip. I decide to make eggs and toast. As I'm cooking the eggs Justin wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. I swear it's the best feeling in the world, I can't help myself but I know I'm smiling so big like a huge idiot.

Justin: Thanks for making me breakfast, beautiful.

After we've finally had breakfast it's time to leave so I say all my goodbyes, It makes me sad a bit, not sure why. It's not like I'm leaving forever. So happy my family likes Justin.

Mom: Goodbye baby. I love you so much. Justin take care of her, you wont like my mamma bear side. It's was nice meeting you though.

I give my mom the biggest hug. Savannah: I love you too mamma.

Justin opens the passenger side of his rang rover and I hop in excitedly. Justin get's into the car and pulls something out of his pocket.

Savannah: What is that?

Justin: It's a blindfold. I got it so you couldn't peek, it's a surprise remember?    

I huff and puff but I decide to do what I'm told. I put on the blindfold and I get kind of nervous, I feel so unsure like how am I suppose to know what's happening? I feel his hand grab mine and I feel so much better not as anxious.

Savannah: Justy, I'm getting bored. can you turn on the radio or something?

Justin: Alright babe, no problem.

He turns on the radio and believe it or not but Down To Earth is on, honestly it's one of my favorites by him. I start singing but after awhile I realize he is as well so I stop. Actually hearing him sing it is so much better than just a CD. I finally drift off to sleep to the sound of his voice.

Savannah's Dream

Justin and I were sitting on a porch watching kids play in the front yard. I look down at my hand and see a ring on my finger. I'm guessing the kids are mind and Justin's cause they look like him, well our little boy does.

Justin: I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be married to you and having the most beautiful, perfect children on this planet.  

Savannah: Well they have an amazing father, they are lucky.

Justin's POV

I look at Savannah and she's peacefully sleeping with a smile on her face. I'm feel sad that I have to disturb her but we're at the docks. I gently shake her and call out her name.

Savannah's Dream

Justin grabs my face gently and kisses me, I'm amazed cause it feels so real. So prefect and the best feeling ever. It feels too real, I'm so shocked like what is happening? I realize with a laugh that he actually is kissing me.

Justin: At least now I know how to wake you up.

Savannah: Man I was having a good dream.

Justin: I'm sorry hun, but we're here, unless you want to go back home and sleep.

I hear the smirk in his voice, cheeky little fuck haha.

Savannah: fine, can I take the blindfold off yet?

Justin: Not yet!

There's no way I'm trying to get out of this car with a blindfold on so I just sit there and wait. He opens the door and grabs my hand, I get out slowly and he guides me to a spot, finally I can see again.

Savannah: Oh my god, Justin!

Justin: What, you don't like it? We can go back home if....

I cut him off and kiss him with so much passion.

Savannah: I don't like it.....I love it!

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