It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


2. Flirting? Fighting?

*Savannah's POV*

I get off of Justin, since I was on top of him. Well anyways it got really awkward in the room, everybody was looking at me and Justin. 

Scooter: JUSTIN! 

Justin: SCOOTER!

Mike: Dude, Justin that's not cool.

Savannah: Shutup Mike how many times do I have to tell you that I don't like you. Dude you need to forget about me. 

Mike looked down embarrassed, hm maybe I a little bit bitchy about it. 

Anna: Damn Savannah you go girl, like I have always said, you gots swag.

Savannah: hahaha Anna you're so weird but I love.

Justin: Yes, yes she does.

He smirks, and I just blush. I can feel my cheeks burning from blushing. God it was embarrassing

Justin: She's a good kisser too, I mean just saying.

Heather: errr....awkward.

Justin: Well she is!

Mike: Well I wouldn't know now would I?

Justin & Savannah: Nope.

Savannah: And you never will! 

Justin: Oooh ouch. 


Awh I hurt his feelings, ooh well.

Savannah: Oh well I...uh have to go to the bathroom.

 Justin: Can I come?

Savannah: Justin I'm going to the bathroom of course you can't come! Jesus you're a weird kid, you're lucky you're sexy.

Justin: No, I just want to talk ya nasty! So I'm sexy huh?

Savannah: Yes very, now come of you're coming.

Justin:Hell yea I'm coming!

I see him smirk and blush deeply.

Savannah: Ew Bieber you're a perv.

Mike: Can I come?


Yes I know it may seem like I'm being a bitch but he never leaves me alone. He's always harassing  me. After so many years I'm tired of being nice and now I'm just simply annoyed.

Savannah: Please excuse my language Director and Mr. Braun. 

Justin: Dude Mike can't you take a rejection, jeesh, and anyways we sorta need to talk with eachother in private.

Director: It's ok, Savannah just please stop with the drama!

Wow ok, so I'm the one starting the drama, it's my fault for getting harassed by Mike for Four fucking years now? You're the one that wont dude shit about it even though it makes me really uncomfortable. Ok whatever.

Scooter: Please call me Scooter, and it's ok hun.

He seemed really nice and I like him already.

[This one was really boring,anyways sorry it's short uh I don't really expect this to get many views or for you guys to like it, I'm just putting these up here because hey why the hell not. So if you don't like it I'm sorry again I wrote this is middle school. bye for now.]

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