It all started when he was a guest star on my show. I knew being with him was going to difficult but never in my life did I expect this to happen.


5. Date or No Date?

*Savannah's POV* Did he really just ask me just on a date? Savannah: I thought you had a girlfriend? Justin: I do, but I'm breaking up with her tonight, I have someone way beautiful and nice and yeeaaa. Savannah: Whaat who? I'll beat her ass. Justin: Oooh her name is Savannah, she is amazing. Savannah: Ohh I see, well she seems nice, I guess wont beat her up then. Justin: Good because I would be pretty mad if anybody hurt her. Savannah: Haha so where are you and Savannah going on your date? She told me she said Hell Yes on the date btw. Justin: That's great, but I can't tell you, it's a secret. Savannah: I swear I wont tell her. Justin: Too bad, I'm not telling! Savannah: What should she wear, and when are you picking her up? Justin: Hmm, wear a dress and around 5:00 I look at my phone and see the time. Savannah: Oh shit, it's 3:30! Justin: It's OK babe! Savannah: I got to get read so I don't look like shit! How does he expect me to get ready in that little of time? I need to look perfect for this! Justin: Babe you could never look like shit. Savannah: Awh thanks babe! you're perfect! My heart when he said that skipped a beat and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. I kiss him then go to my dressing room to get ready. I wonder where he's taking me. Anna: Hey Savannah where's Justin? Savannah: I dunno, I think he's getting ready. Anna: Ready for what? Savannah: He's taking me on a date :D Anna: Omg you guys are so cute, where is he taking you? Savannah: I dunno, he wont tell me. Anna: Adorable! Can I help you get ready? Savannah: Don't make me look like a clown, not much makeup please. Anna: I would never! She says astounded. I sat in the makeup chair, we were blaring my iPod so we were having fun. Never Let You Go came on and I smiled and sang along. I was already ready, I wore a purple mini dress that really shows off my curves. My hair was straight down and slightly teased, not too much to were I looked like a scene queen though. One Time My Heart Edition came on and I was singing and dancing along when he walked in. Justin: Wow babe you're a good dancer and singer. I have the whole package don't I? Savannah: OH MY GOD JUSTIN DON'T DO THAT! Justin: Sorry baby, wow Savannah you look sexy! I laughed because he started drooling, it was seriously a funny sight. Savannah: Um..Justin haha you're drooling. Justin: Oh um.. sorry, you just look WOW! Savannah: Haha Thank hun. You look pretty handsome in your tux with purple tie, oh hey we match! Justin: Nice, are you ready? Savannah: Yea, lets go! *Justin's POV* I take her to this really nice restaurant, I really can't wait to get to know her better and I really hope she likes my surprise. I takes awhile to get there, but I hold her hand the whole way. I hurry up and run to her side of the car so she doesn't have time to open the door herself. I open the door and take her hand, she gives me that beautiful smile of hers. I made a reservation in a private room so we don't get interrupted. Being in an open room as other when you're both famous isn't a good idea at all. We walk in the restaurant and our waitress is my age, I'm afraid she knows who I am. Waitress: Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I'll be your host today. I sigh in relief but once we get in our room she goes berserk. Cheyenne: OMB, YOU'RE JUSTIN BIEBER! Justin: Yeaa, I am. Yess she's pretty but right now I only have eyes on Savannah. Cheyenne: Dude, can I hang out with you? Justin: Um..Cheyenne I'm sorry but I'm kinda on a date right now and I liker her a lot so no, sorry. Savannah: You like me a lot? Justin: Of course I do! Cheyenne: Please, Please, Please! Justin: No Cheyenne, I'm on a date! If you don't stop I'm getting the manager. Cheyenne: I really don't care, I just wanna hang out damn. Justin: Well I'm on a date. Cheyenne: I don't give a fuck about that slut! Savannah: Bitch back the fuck off! Justin: Savannah come with me real quick. I take her hand and walk till we find another waitress. Justin:Sorry to bother you, but can we talk to the manager? Waitress: Yea, sure hold on. Manager: What's wrong Mr. Bieber? Justin: The waitress Cheyenne wont leave us alone, and she harassed my date. Manager: I'm sorry, I'll get you a new waitress. Justin: Thanks, but can we have a waiter instead? Manager: Yea, I'll just send Cheyenne home so she wont bother you anymore. Justin: Thank you sir! I walk back to our private room. Justin: Babe I'm sorry about that. Savannah: It's OK hun. Lets just eat, I'm hungry. Justin: OK. I pull the chair out her, the waiter walks in. Oh great he's attractive, and he can't stop looking at MY Savannah. Waiter: Hi, my name is Lucas and I'll be your waiter for today. Are you ready to order? Justin: Yea, Savannah what do you want to drink? Savannah: I'll take a Pepsi please. Justin: Two Pepsi's please, and we'll take one plate of spaghetti. I smirk, romantic right? Waiter: OK I'll come back to give you your soda's. He walks away, it really irritated me that he couldn't keep his eyes off of Savannah. Like obviously I'm on a date with her. Savannah: So one plate huh? Justin: Mhm, it's romantic. Savannah: Mhm sure, you just want a kiss. Justin: mmm that sounds tasty. Savannah leans across the table and gives me a kiss. I smile on her lips. Waiter: Here are your soda's. He looks at Savannah and winks. Dude I fucking hate you already, gets your paws off. SHE'S TAKEN for god sakes. Waiter: Your food will be done in a couple minutes. I'm so happy when he leaves and way less tense. Justin: geesh, flirty much? Savannah: Oh silly Justin, no need to worry. You have my full attention! Justin: I feel the same way. So how old are you? Savannah: I'm 14, I'll be 15 on April 19th. [ Keep in mind that when I wrote this Justin was Seventeen. I might update again later but I'm not too sure so no I'm not promising anything]
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