Fame hurts *Liam Payn fan fic*

For years now Liam has been lying to the lads about management. Management has been hurting Liam for 4 years now. What happiness management puts Liam in the hospital? Will the lads fight for their friend or will they leave him behind? Its a test of courage and friendship.


11. Love hurts

Niall's pov:

This was it were all going to die I thought to my self. Then the thought had hit me what if I could talk to Liam. I turned to the lads with tears in my eyes. "I'm sorry guys but if any body should die to night it should be me." Harry looked at me on the verge to tears. "NO NIALL DON'T DO IT!!! You don't have to die Niall we can get out of this we can climb out the window Niall! Please don't do this." He was on the ground crying and pleading me. I just gave him a week smile and hug before leaving the lads behind.

I walked up to Liam with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. "Liam please don't do this. We can fix what ever is driving you mad. Just put the knife dow....." At that moment I felt something pierce my chest. I looked down at my chest and laugh. I look up at Liam who has come back to earth and just noticed what he did. "Well that going to hurt." I grab my chest and collapsed on the floor. Lying in on the floor in Liam's arms.

I hear crying and screaming all around me. Then I notice that Louis's little sister is standing their with tears in her eyes. She ran over to me as I was just lying their in a pool of blood. She looked at me with her big blue eyes. "Niall please don't die." She had tears in her eyes I knew she need a Horan hug. I sat up and hugged her as hard and long as I could. I knew that this would be my last chance to do this.

I whispered into her ear, "Pheobe I love you!" I saw a smile on her face as I let her go. I turned to Liam who was crying really hard now. "Im so sorry Niall. Don't worry Ni well get you help. You're going to be okay Ni trust me." I smiled at him and wiped the tears away form his eyes. "Don't worry Liam I believe you. Besides im not dying I'm just going to be sleeping for awhile."

I took one last look at every one's crying faces and replaced them with smiling ones in my head. Then with a smile on my face and tears running down my face. I said the words I would say for awhile. "I love you guys." I closed my eyes letting everything around me fade away.

Harry's pov:

Omg I cant believe that Niall is dead now. I looked up at Liam with nothing but hatred in my eyes towards Liam. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS LIAM? HE WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND! HE ALWAYS HAD YOU BACK NO MATTER WHAT!! WHAT DO YOU DO FOR HIM YOU KILL HIM! YOU SUCH A BASTERED LIAM! HOW COULD YOU!" I had the Louis and Zayn holding my arms back. They had no clue how bad I wanted to take my fist and pound it into Liam's face right now.

I broke free from their grip and ripped Niall's body out of Liam's grasp. I looked up at him and shot daggers at him. I looked over at Louis's little sister. She looked at all of us with a pale white face. "Guys Niall's ...."

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