Fame hurts *Liam Payn fan fic*

For years now Liam has been lying to the lads about management. Management has been hurting Liam for 4 years now. What happiness management puts Liam in the hospital? Will the lads fight for their friend or will they leave him behind? Its a test of courage and friendship.


15. Leting go of Niall

Liam's pov:

I went with the lads to Niall's funeral. I have to admit that when I saw Niall it made me cry like crazy. I put on a brave face and walked up to the bed where Niall layed. Images of the last time I saw him when he was laying in my arms crying and gasping for breath. I reamber how he looked me in the eyes with his big blue eyes that were so sad and grey as he said, "Liam I love you too."

I looked at his body laying their in piece. "Niall im so sorry for what I did to you. I wish I could turn back the clocks and bring you back to life. Sadly that cant and wont happen. At least now your in a better place." With that I walked away watching as Louis walked up to Niall Holding one of his sister hands. She was caring something with her.

Louis's pov:

I was walking up to Niall with Daisy holding my name. She asked me to take her to see him because she wanted to give him something to wear before he was buried to rest. We walked up to him where Daisy took over. "Hi Niall I know we didn't know each other well. But you did know my big brother Louis very well. He told me so many nice things about you. I just wish you could have lived a bit longer to meat and share them with me and my sister's. We all miss you so much."

I looked down at her hands to see that they were playing with the flower crown she had made him. "I reamber that in one of your interviews you wore a flower crown. So I made you one to wear when you go to heaven so that you would know that we will be with you for ever on the other side. Well good bye Niall and I hope you live a happy life." I watched as the gave him a kiss on the cheek and I lead her away.



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