Fame hurts *Liam Payn fan fic*

For years now Liam has been lying to the lads about management. Management has been hurting Liam for 4 years now. What happiness management puts Liam in the hospital? Will the lads fight for their friend or will they leave him behind? Its a test of courage and friendship.


14. I go crazy

Louis's pov:

I was starting to get worried about Liam. He had locked him self in his room for about six weeks now. He doesn't talk, eat, let alone come out. I mean he knows that were not made at him any more we told him that lots of times. Yet he wont come out of his room. He says he cant face us with out Niall. Not to menchion that today was Niall's funeral. I wonder how he was going to take this.

I took a deep and knocked on his door. "Hey Liam are you okay In their? Where going to be heading out to Niall's thing today." He opened the door with a big smile on his face sending chills down my back. "Yes Ni...Louis that sounds great." He walked past me and skipped down the hall way. I stood their scratching my head. "I wonder what's going on with him today?

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