Fame hurts *Liam Payn fan fic*

For years now Liam has been lying to the lads about management. Management has been hurting Liam for 4 years now. What happiness management puts Liam in the hospital? Will the lads fight for their friend or will they leave him behind? Its a test of courage and friendship.


16. Flower Crown

Harry's pov:

Every one had finished saying what they had to say and now it was time to go and berry Niall. I went and sat down bye Niall's family giving his mum a big hug. "I'm really sorry for your lose Miss. Hoarn. I saw a smile appear on her face. "I'm just glad that he got to spend his time on earth doing what he loved and with who he loved." I smiled back at her.

Just then something seemed to have caught my eye. They were bring Niall in to do the ceremony Only that's not what caught my eye. No was caught it was the fact that Louis was looking and Daisy was walking up to Niall. I turned towards  Niall mum again and said, "Would you excuse me for a moment." She nodded her head and wiped her tears. I shot up from my seat and ran as fast as i could towards Daisy.

I picked her up and spun her around. "Where do you think that your going Daisy?" She was laughing at the same time kicking around in my arms. "I need to give Niall something!" I looked down and saw that she was  holding something. It was the old flower crown he wore at the movie interview we had one to wear that day. Just then i had all the images form that day flash threw my head from his laugh to what he was wearing.

A tear slid down my cheek as i put Daisy back down on the ground and took her hand. I lead her up to Niall and gave her a boost on my shoulders so she could place the crown softy on his blond puffy hair. I started to imagine what his eyes would look like now they were open. I was thinking of his laugh that we had all heard so many times before.

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