Fame hurts *Liam Payn fan fic*

For years now Liam has been lying to the lads about management. Management has been hurting Liam for 4 years now. What happiness management puts Liam in the hospital? Will the lads fight for their friend or will they leave him behind? Its a test of courage and friendship.


4. Could this be my future?

Liam's pov:

The last thing I reamber that happened was falling then their was blood I think form my head and the boys all looking really worriedly down at me. I blacked out after that. When I woke up I was in my bed and Niall was siting beside with tears in his eyes. I looked up at him and said, "Niall what's wrong?" He didn't answer me. Then Harry came up stairs followed by the lads. He looked all angry. I wondered why?

"Hey Niall why are you taking of Liam? He's going to die any way. Besides Marco says he wasn't good enough for the band so just give up his never going to get better." This has to be a dream... harry hates Marco and management with a burring firry passion. I looked at niall and said, "Niall say something back to him. You cant let harry Yell at you like this."

Instead all he did was let a tear slip down his cheek. He just seemed to be ignoring Harry the hole time he was talking. "I said to leave HIM ALONE NIALL!" He screamed at Niall and hit him right in front of me and the lads. They didn't do anything but stand their and laugh as Harry beat the crap out of him. When Harry was done beating Niall he spit on him and walked out of the room.

I just lied their in the bed and watch Niall. He waited until he was sure that harry was gone. Then he got up and walked over to my bed and went back to caring for me only this time he talked.


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