This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


23. ...

Everybody came to the beach where Zayn,Niall,Olivia and Tori were.They woke them up and they all sat around the beach not saying a  single word.

 "So"Harry said. 

"Please forgive me"Niall said out of the blue talking to Olivia.

 "Niall,I-"Olivia began to say but was cut off by Nialler.

"Olivia,I'm so sorry.Last night when me and Zayn came to look for you and Tori you don't know what was running through my head.I didn't know if you were hungry,lonley,hurt,thirsty anything.I just want you back and know that your mine and nobody else's"Niall said as he pulled the ring out of his pocket and gave Olivia pleading eye's.She smiled and took the ring putting it on her wedding finger. Olivia went over and sat in Niall's lap smiling as he smiled to.   "What about us?"Zayn asked as Tori looked away from Niall and Olivia and looked at him. "I don't know,what about us?"Tori asked. "Do you wanna get back together?"Zayn asked. "Let me talk to you alone"Tori said as she got up and pulled him away from the group. "Even though I'm in love with Olivia,I'm happy for you two"Liam said as he sorta smiled. "Thanks mate"Niall said. "Yea,thanks"Olivia said as she got up and hugged him. "Aw,we are all back together,except I don't know about Tori and Zayn "Louis said as he looked over in their direction.Everyone kept their eyes on them.They where screaming than kiss,screaming,kiss,screaming,kiss.You get my drift.Finally,they came back over there. "So,are ya'll together or not?"Boon asked. "Not"Tori said. "But we are still great friends"Zayn said as him and Tori smiled. "Good,yo-"Niall tried to say but was cut off by this loud nosie. Everyone was looking all around because they didn't know where the sound was coming from. "LOOK"Harry screamed as he pointed to the sky.Everyone looked up and saw a helicopter.Everyone started screaming and waving the arm's up in the air like idiots.The helicopter flew right over us. "Gosh"Liam said. "GUYS,GUYS WHATS WRONG WITH OLIVIA"Tori screamed. Olivia was passed out on the sand.Her lips where blue,her body was pail and cold. "OLIVIA, OLIVIA, OLIVIA"Niall was screaming as he was crying. "She is gone"Liam said as he started to cry. "NO,NO SHE CAN'T BE"Niall said still trying to make her come back to life. "Niall,she is gone"Louis said crying. Niall began crying harder as he sat in the sand and put his head in his hands. "I know,I can't believe it either"Tori said crying as she walked over to Niall and hugged him.Everyone was crying and staring at her cold lifeless body.......   "OLIVIA WAKE UP"Tori screamed as she jumped on Olivia's bed. "Huh,what"Olvia said tossing and turning. "ITS TIME FOR THE CRUISE"Tori said still jumping on her bed. "Olivia,babe get up before Tori has a spaz attack. "Nathan said as he threw some clothes into the suitcase. "I think it's to late"James said as him and Nathan chuckled. Olivia got up still thinkng about what she just dreamed about. Everyone got into the car and was having fun except Olivia who was still confused. "What's wrong with you?"Tori asked. "I had a weird dream"Olivia said. "Tell us babe"Jacob said as he turned down the radio. "Well,it was just like this.We were on our way to the cruise.One Direction was on it and we all crashed and Nathan and James turned on us.Then I died"Olivia said. "Alycia,look"Tori said as she handed her a pamphlet of the cruise.It said One Direction was their musical guests....     OK guys i think  that's  the end i cant think of anything else to write about i hope you enjoyed it. -Doreen  
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