This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


21. Why would you do this to us?

Everyone was woken up to this very loud crashing. Finds out,it was 6 girls taking our stuff.

"HEY PUT THAT DOWN"Boon yelled at them.They dropped everything and looked at the guys and gave Olivia and Tori a disgusted look.

"Hi,I'm Alexis"One said with brown hair winking at Liam who smiled.

"I'm Rachel"One said with red hair as she winked at Niall which made Olivia start walking towards her but Niall stopped her.

"I"m Monica"One said with black hair winking at Boon who winked back.

"I'm Kelly"One said with blonde hair winking at Harry who winked back.

"I'm Lucy"Another one said with brown hair and she winked at Zayn,but Zayn put his arm around Tori.

"I'm Dixie"One said with black hair as she winked at Louis who rolled his eyes.

"I'm Tori,now go away"Tori said.

"What about no"Lucy said.Tori walked over there to her.

"We will have a problem than"Tori said in her face.

"Well,lets have a problem"Luck said as he shoved Tori who smiled and tackled her.

"My turn"Olivia said as she ran and tackled Rachel.

"We have the best girlfriends ever"Niall whispered to Zayn as he nodded.All of the other girls started to join in,but it wasn't a problem for Tori and Olivia.The guys kept staring and smiling like idiots,if they had popcorn this would be the life for them. Tori and Olivia stood up and high-fived and skipped over to Zayn and Niall and kissed them.The girls was holding their stomach's,sides,heads and legs in pain as Tori and Olivia laughed.

"Your not gonna take any more stuff from us again are you?"Olivia asked as they shacked their heads and ran away.

"Best.Girlfriend.Ever"Zayn said as Tori smiled and kissed him.

"Do I get a kiss?"Niall asked Olivia.

"Am I a good girlfriend?"Olivia asked.

"The best"Niall said as he and Olivia smiled than kissed.

"Well,I'm hungry"Liam said.

"Me to"Harry said.

"I'm gonna go find us something to eat"Boon said.

"I WANNA GO"Tori and Olivia yelled.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea"Niall and Zayn said.

"Yea let us go"Olivia and Tori said.

"They will be safe.I'll go"Liam said.

"Fine"Niall and Zayn said.

"YAY"Olivia and Tori screamed. Liam, Boon, Olivia and Tori started to make their way into the jungle.

"OK,Me and Tori will go this way,Liam and Olivia go that way"Boon said as everyone nodded.Everyone went in the direction they were supposed to.

"Look Olivia,I'm sor-"Liam tried to say but was cut of by Olivia.

"Listen,I don't wanna talk about it"Olivia said half annoyed.

"OK,whatever"Liam said.They kept hunting and found some food then met up with Boon and Tori who were smiling like idiots.

"What"Olivia asked as she raised her eyebrow.

"Nothing"Tori said still smiling.They walked back to camp and find them girls back.This time they were kissing the guys.Including Niall and Zayn...

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