This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


12. Watch your step

"Oh,no"Liam said.

"Oh,yes.We may have accidentally been spotted by some people"Harry said.

"WHAT"Zayn screamed.

"SHHH,yea we were hunting and Louis did his 'turkey call' and I guess they heard us.They are chasing us so we should get going"Boon said.Everyone quickly gathered everything,woke up Niall and made a run for it.

"Oh,your up"Niall said as he looked at Olivia while running.

"Ha,yea"Olivia said as she grabbed his hand and they continued running.

"OWWW"Tori screamed.Everyone stopped running and looked at her.She got her foot stuck in a bear trap.

"Oh my gosh Tori are you OK?"Olivia said as she ran to her.

"No,it hurts"Tori said.Louis ran over to her and carefully got her foot out.

"Oh wow that's bad"Boon said. Her foot was covered in blood and pretty much broken.

"Here hop on"Harry said.Tori got on his back and they started running again.

"Look"Liam said.He pointed to a cave that was beside a beautiful waterfall.

"Should we stay here?"Zayn asked.

"Um,it would seem safe"Boon said.

"OK,good.I can't walk no more"Louis said as he sat on a rock.Everyone put all their stuff away while Tori and Louis ate some weird kind of fruit.

"Lou,help your foot ain't broken"Niall said.

"Yea I know,but Tori is lonely"Louis said as he put his arm around her and smiled.

"Done"Olivia said.

"Here Tori,we gotta get that blood off of your foot"Boon said.He picked her up and put her foot in the water.He washed it off than put a bandage around it.

"Thanks"Tori said.

"No problem"Boon said as they leaned in but Harry threw a water balloon at him.

"Where did you get water balloons?"Olivia asked excited.

"Off the boat"Liam said.Soon enough everyone was having a water balloon fight.

"I wanna join"Tori said as she pouted.

"Here love,throw it at Zayn's hair"Louis said as he handed her one.

"Aim,Aim"Louis said to her.She threw it and nailed it right at his head.

"Who did that?"Zayn said as he turned around and his hair was wet.

"SHE DID"Louis yelled as he pointed to Tori.

"When you get better you will regret it"Zayn said as he smirked.

"I still want my kiss"Niall said to Olivia.

"Me to"Olivia said.They started to lean in and they kissed.

"That was...nice"Niall said.

"Dido"Olivia said they both look at each other smiling like idiots.

"OK,Harry,Liam and I are going hunting for food. Zayn,Louis and Niall watch them"Boon said as they nodded.


"Its been like six hours..I'M HUNGRY"Zayn said.

"So are we"Tori and Olivia said.

"Oh,fruit"Niall said as he ate it.

"NO THATS POISONOUS"Olivia screamed....

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