This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


11. wake up!

"TORI,TORI"Olivia and the guys yelled looking for her.

"Look"Boon said.He pointed to the gorund and saw footprints

"They could be someone else's"Harry said.

"Well,lets just try it"Louis said.They followed the footprints and it led to the .place where she was knocked out.

"OK,I don't see any more footprints"Olivia said as everyone was still looking around.

"There is some,but they look to big to be her feet"Zayn said as he pointed to the ground.

"Let's just follow these"Niall said.They folloed the foot prints and it led into a cave.

"Um,should we go in?"Liam asked.

"I am"Olivia said.She pushed the guys aside and started to make her way in.

"Wait"Boon said.They talked about it and Boon,Louis and Harry went into the cave while Zayn,Niall and Liam stand guard.

-Back with Tori-

She woke up and she was tied to a chair.

"Hello"Tori said as she tried to wiggle her way out of the ropes.

"Look she's up"A voice said.

"Who's there?"Tori said freaking out.

"Hi"A voice said.She turned around and saw the 1D girlfriends.

"Uh,hi"Tori said.

"Would you like to know why we captured you"Jasmine said.

"Uh,sure"Tori said.

"Because Harry,Louis,Liam,Zayn and Niall are ours"Mary said as Tori rolled her eyes.

-Back with Olivia-

"Gross"Olivia said as she walked into a spiderweb.

"OK,there are six doors which one do we go intoÉ"Louis asked looking around.

"The footprints lead into here"Boon said as he opened the door and they walked in.They reached the room where Tori is and they saw the 1D girlfriends.

"Oh,please"Olivia said as she rolled her eyes and walked in the room.

"Oh,hey Olivia"Tori said as she smiled.

"Really girls"Olivia said as she walked over to Tori and untied her.

"Ha,thanks"Tori said as she stood up. Olivia,Tori,Boon,Harry and Louis just walked out.

"THIS AIN'T OVER"The girls screamed.

"YES IT IS"Tori and Olivia screamed as they walked out.They reached outside and just laughed.

"Whats so funny"Liam said.

"It was your retared ex-girlfriends"Olivia said.

"Oh,haha"Niall said.

"So,what now?"Zayn said.

"We need to find a place to stay"Harry said.

"Yea we do,what happened to them guys?"Tori asked.They were trying to find a place to stay while telling Tori the story.

"Wow,I'm scared"Tori said.

"Don't be"Louis said as put his arm around Tori.


After walking about 15 miles they found a new place to stay.Tori was in Boon's arms asleep,and Olivia was in Niall's arms asleep.They laid Tori and Olivia down on the ground while they put blankets and pillows down.After they made it they laid them down and cuddle up beside them and fell asleep.


"Olivia wake up,I wanna show you something"Niall said.

"Hum,what time is it?"Olivia asked as she kept moving around.

"Its 3:30"Niall said looking at his watch.

"In the morning"Olivia said giving him a look.

"Haha,yes.Now get up,I wanna show you something"Niall said. Olivia got up and put her hair back into a ponytail and went with Niall.

"What is it?"Olivia asked.

"You will have to see this"Niall said taking her hand as she blushed.They walked a couple more minutes and they were at the beach.

"I just wanted to show you this"Niall said as Olivia smiled.

"Every fifty years the moon will get really close to the earth,and it has been 50 years"Niall said.There were about a billion stars out and they twinkled every time you blinked.The moon was so close to the beach it looked like you could touch it.The waves were going in and out making a beautiful noise.It was very peaceful and the wind was blowing at a perfect speed.

"Oh my gosh Niall it's beautiful"Olivia said looking up at the stars.

"Not as beautiful as you"Niall said. Olivia blushed and Niall did to.They walked and laid down in the warm sand looking up at the stars and talking about anything and everything.

"What is your one wish?"Niall asked Olivia.

"Um,I would love to get a record deal"Olivia said.

"Really,sing me something"Niall said.

"No"Olivia said as she chuckled.

"Come on,please"Niall said giving her the puppy face.

"Maybe later"Olivia said.

"OK"Niall said as he pouted.

"Look,a shooting star"Olivia said as she pointed to it.

"Make a wish"She said.

"Nah,everything I want I got"Niall said as he leaned in and so did she. Right before they kissed a frog came and jumped on Niall's leg making a ribbit noise. Olivia jumped back because it scared her half to death.

"You OK,love?"Niall said as he laughed.

"I don't know"Olivia said as she placed her hand over her heart.

"Woah,Olivia are you OK?"Niall said getting worried.

"I can't breathe"Olivia said.

"Olivia, Olivia"Niall kept saying.

"Here stand to your feet"Niall said.He helped her on her feet,but it didn't help.

"Niall"Olivia said.

"Yea,love"Niall said holding her arm still worried.

"Catch me"Olivia said as she fell down and passed out,but Niall caught her.

"HELP,HELP,HELP"Niall started screaming and tearing up. Gadly,Liam was up because he had to pee.

"Niall,whats wrong?"Liam said still half asleep.

"Olivia,she passed out,HELP"Niall said/screamed. Liam came out of his sleep and ran over there to them.They picked her up and carried her over to the camp.

"Tori,Tori wake up"Niall said shaking her.

"What?"Tori said.

"Olivia she passed out,and she ain't waking up"Niall said crying. Tori jumped up and ran over there to Olivia and tried to wake her up. Everyone was up now trying to get her up.

"What happened?"Tori said crying.

"Well,we were about to kiss and than a frog jumped on my leg and it scared her.Than she just passed out.Will she be OK?"Niall asked still crying.

"Let's hope"Tori said. Tori got a rag and dipped it in water and put it on Olivia's forehead.


Olivia woke up around noon with a killer headache. Niall was sleeping,Zayn was doing his hair,Liam was just sitting down,while Tori,Harry,Boon and Louis went to go hunt for some food.

"What happened?"Olivia asked as she put her hand over her head.

"Your up"Liam said as he jumped up and ran over to her,but Zayn didn't hear her over him spraying hairspray. Liam told her what happened and everything after that.

"Um,guys we got a problem"Tori said as she,Louis,Boon and Harry walked over there with a worried expression...

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