This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


17. two more

"Um,Niall"Olivia said as she got wide eyes and took 5 steps back.

"I knew you were gonna say no I shouldn't have done it"Niall said as he stood up and closed the box.

"No,turn around"Olivia said. Niall turned around and came face to face with 2 dudes who had surf boards.One had black shaggy hair with BRIGHT green eyes.The other had brown shaggy hair with brown eyes.

"Uh,hi"Niall said.

"Don't worry we are not gonna hurt you.Where you people on the cruise ship too"The black headed guy asked.

"Yes were you?"Olivia asked them.

"Yea,we have no where to go,mind if we stay with you people?"The brown headed guy asked. Niall and Olivia just looked at each other.

"No we don't mind at all"Niall said as he smiled.

"Ok,cool thanks"The black headed guy said.

"We have other friends on the island to,they are at our camp,just follow us"Olivia said.

"By the way I'm Mark"The brown headed guy said as he winked at Olivia,but Niall didn't see it.

"I'm Chase"The black headed guy said.They kept walking and talking until they reached the camp.

"GUYS COME OUT HERE"Niall yelled.Everyone came out(except Tori)and said hello and stuff.

"Who is she?"Chase asked as he pointed to Tori who was laying on a rock just looking at the sky.

"Tori,my girlfriend"Zayn said.

"Listen,we don't want any trouble so if this is just a plan or something please don't hurt the girls"Harry said.

"We were on he cruise too.We were looking for people to stay with"Mark said.

"Oh OK,Tori just lost her memory so try to be friendly"Louis said.

"No problem"Chase said as he walked over there to her.

"Oh great,another one"Zayn said as he sighed and ran over there to them.

"By the way Niall,yes"Olivia said to Niall as everyone laid in the bed's getting ready to go to sleep.

"Yes,what?"Niall asked confused.

"I will marry you"Olivia said.

"Really?"Niall asked excited.

"Yea"Olivia said as she hugged him.

"Yes,but let's keep it a secret.Once we get off this island we can plan everything.Do you wanna wear the ring?"Niall asked Olivia.

"No,lets keep it a secret"Olivia said as they smiled and kissed.After talking a bit more,everyone got in their bed and fell fast asleep...

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