This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


4. They wont bug us again

"Excuse us,but their our boyfriends"Tori said.

"Yea,and ain't they your boyfriends"Olivia said pointing to 1D.

"Ugh,yea I forgot"Eleanor said.

"So your just gonna flirt with their boyfriends right in front of us"Liam said.

"Yep"Danielle said.

"Please get your man hands off of my boyfriend"Olivia said as she pulled Nathan away.

"Mine to"Tori said as she pulled James away.

"What if we don't"Perrie said.

"Than were gonna have problems"Tori said as they got up in each other's faces.

"Now,lets not fight"James said as he stepped between them.

"Oh,their gonna fight"Niall said as him and Harry fist pounded.

"Babe,stay out of this"Tori said talking to James.

"Yea baby"Mary (Niall's girlfriend) said as Tori tackled her.

"I said don't touch him"Olivia said looking at Jasmine(Harry's girlfriend) who had her hands on Nathan.

"And I said no"Jasmine said.Of course Olivia tackled her.The 1D boys sat in the water looking and smiling while Nathan and James tried to pry their girlfriends off of Mary and Jasmine.

"Guys,help"Nathan asked talking to the 1D boys.

"No we are good"Louis said.Soon enough they were getting weird looks by everyone.Finally,Nathan and James pulled them off of Mary and Jasmine.

"Like I said stay away"Tori said as James led her back to the room.

"Are we clear?"Olivia asked as the girls nodded and Nathan pulled her back to the room.

"That was REALLY hot"James said as Tori kissed him.

"Yep,because no girl is gonna touch you while I'm around"Tori said as she snapped her fingers.

"Yea that was hot"Nathan said.

"Of course it was"Olivia said as they kissed.

"OK please no fighting.We have been on the ship for three hours and your already fighting with other people.Please for us,tame yourselves?"James and Nathan asked.

"Ugh,fine"Olivia and Tori said.

"Good now,OLIVIA YOU HAVE TO TRY THE SHRIMP"Natha said/screamed.

"I did,AND IT WAS SO GOOD"Olivia said/screamed.

"I'm gonna get more"Tori said.

"Yea its 8:00 lets all go get dinner"James said.Everyone changed and headed out to the restaurant.

"Tori,look who is hear"Olivia said as she nudge Tori. Tori looked over and saw 1D and their girlfriends and Jasmine and Mary had black eyes.

"Good they have black eyes"Tori said.

"They also had bloody noses when we left"Olivia said.

"No fighting"Nathan and James said as we walked over to them.The girls looked at us and stepped behind their boyfriends as Olivia and Tori smirked

"Hey our girls wanted to say something to your girlfriends"Nathan said.

"We did?"Olivia and Tori asked confused.

"Yes you did"James said.

"We are sorry"Olivia said.

"Tori"Olivia said.

"I'm sorry....that you girls don't know how to fight"Tori said as her and Olivia began to laugh.

"Tori"James said giving her a look that means please I'm begging you.

"Ugh,I'm sorry"Tori said.

"We accept"the girls said.

"Will ya'll like to join us?"Nathan asked while Olivia gave him a look which means your getting it later.

"Um,sure"Liam said.Everyone sat at a big round table and stayed quiet.

"So,you girls ate here before"Zayn said.

"Yea,there shrimp is amazing"Olivia said.

"It is.That's what I'm getting"Niall said.

"What about you Tori?"Harry asked.

"What about me?"Tori asked."

What are you getting to eat"Louis said.

"Um,I feel sick"Tori said as she jumped up and ran to the cabin.

"What's wrong with her?"Liam asked.

"I don't know but I'm gonna find out"Olivia said. Olivia got up and went to the cabin where Tori was puking.

"Tori,whats wrong?"Olivia asked as she went in there and was holding her hair back for her. After Tori was done puking she told Olivia.

"I don't know after I got on the ship I haven't been feeling good"Tori said as she wiped her mouth.

"Oh,well do you want me to go get James for you?"Olivia asked.

"No,go back out there and have fun I'll stay in here"Tori said.

"Really, fun?Out there with them stupid girls"Olivia said.

"Go,tell them I'm fine"Tori said as she layed in the bed.

"Ok,get to feeling better bestie"Olivia said as she walked out.

"I'm back"Olivia said as she sat down.

"How is she?"Louis asked.

"Um,she is OK"Olivia said.

"Is she coming back out"Harry said.

"No"Olivia said.

"Babe,I already ordered for you"Nathan said.

"Thanks"Olivia said with a smile.


After diner was over everyone came back to check on Tori.

"Hey babe you OK?"James asked.

"I've been better"Tori said.

"Well,we are going to go"Niall said.

"Get to feeling better"Harry said.

"Thanks"Tori said as they walked out.

"Want me to put on Batman for you?"Nathan asked as he pulled out the disc.

"Yes"Tori said.

"Hey where is Olivia?"Nathan asked.

"HERE SHE IS!!!"Olivia yelled as she walked in with a nurse.

"Olivia?"Tori asked confused.

"What I don't want you to be sick this whole trip"Olivia said as the nurse put a thermometer in Tori's mouth. After a couple of minutes the nurse said Tori got food poisoning from something she ate and it should be over in a couple of days.

"Well,I'm going to bed"Nathan said as he plopped down on the bed.

"Olivia I'm sick so I don't want you to get it"Tori said.

"I'll sleep in her bed"James said.

"No I will"Olivia said as she plopped down in the bed.

"But I don't wanna sleep with Nathan"James said."

There is a couch over there"Nathan said.

"I'm sleeping on the couch"James said.

"No,I will because I don't wanna get Olivia sick"Tori said.

"No I will so you don't have to"Olivia said.

"No I will"Tori said.

"Your sick you need to lay somewhere comfy"Olivia said.

"OK,but when I'm better I'll sleep on the couch one night"Tori said.

"OK its a deal"Olivia said as she pulled some blankets and pillows out from the closet.

"Night,love everyone in this room"Olivia said.

"Dido"everyone else said.

"Gosh,Nathan shave your FREAKING legs"James said.

"No!!!!!"Nathan said.Quickly after they fought everyone fell asleep....



OK there is something i want to get straight I don't hate the 1D girlfriends. I love them there so awesome!!! bye my sexy MOFOS!!!!!!



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