This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


6. There gone?!

"Olivia wake up"Tori said shaking Olivia.

"What happened?"Olivia asked as she got up.They both had bloody heads because they got hit with something.

"The ship crashed I tried to wake up James but he ain't waking up"Tori said crying.

"Let me try Nathan"Olivia said also crying.She shook and shook Nathan but he wasn't waking up.

"Please wake up!"Olivia said still shaking him.

"Their gone"Tori said as she and Olivia began crying more.

"We should go off and see where we are at"Olivia said as Tori nodded.They made their way passed the beds,all the clothes,and the broken glass then they reached the door.They opened it and saw broken glass,picture frames and even bodies.

"Oh my gosh"Tori said as she covered her mouth and began to cry.They reached the end of the ship and saw that they were on a island.They saw people they never knew or seen around the ship.

"Girls!!!!"we heard someone yell.We turned around and saw 1D and sadly their girlfriends.

"Is everything OK?"Harry asked.

"James, Nathan their gone"Olivia as her and Tori began crying more.

"Oh,I'm so sorry"Niall said.

"I guess we are stuck on this island"Louis said.

"OK,we need to stick together so girls go get everything from the ship that you can,food,water,clothes,blankets and pillows"Liam said.

"Would you like us to go into your room and get your stuff so you don't have to see anything"Zayn said talking to Olivia and Tori as they nodded.

"Just stay here"Niall said.



The 1D girlfriends and the guys all came back with stuff.

"OK,should we go into the jungle or stay out here with everyone?"Louis asked.

"I would say stay out here so in case a ship comes or something"Harry said.

"True,but people here will do anything for all the stuff we have so we might wanna go in the jungle"Liam said.

"Well,lets do that"Zayn said.

Everyone grabbed something and headed into a jungle.

"Hey,look"Olivia said as she pointed up.There were two jungle houses that were across from each other.

"Good eye Olivia"Niall said.

"Yea,we can get rope and tie it to both houses and zip line across whenever we want to"Tori said.

"Sounds like a plan"Harry said.We all put our stuff in the houses.The girls was sharing one and the guys were.With all the blankets they got they each made a bed.The had little cabinets in them so we can put our food in them.They were pretty big which was great.

"OK all we need is rope,Tori come to the ship with me so we can find some"Olivia said as Tori nodded.They jumped down and started making their way to the ship.

"I can't believe our boys are gone"Tori said as she wiped her tears away.

"I know,there is some rope in our room,because when I was getting blankets and pillows last nightI saw some"Olivia said.They entered the ship and went to their room. Olivia walked in and got the rope to that was in the closet.

"Uh,Olivia look"Tori said as she pointed to the ground. Olivia looked at the ground and her face fell to the floor.Nathan and James were gone....

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