This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


14. There back?!

"HELP"Niall screamed.

"What"Zayn said as he walked in.

"SHE HAS BEEN BITTEN BY A SNAKE"Niall screamed as he began crying.

"Oh no"Zayn said as he ran over there.

"I feel fine"Olivia said.

"It's because the poison hasn't got into your veins yet"Niall said.

"BOON"Zayn screamed.

"Why are you calling for him?"Olivia asked as she began feeling dizzy.

"Because he lived on this island longer and he might know what to do"Niall said.

"What"Boon said as he walked in there.

"She has been bitten by a snake"Niall said.Boon ran over there and looked at the snake bite.

"OK,this was a striker snake"Boon said.

"Is that bad?"Niall asked.

"No,it bit her but it wasn't enough to kill her just let her rest"Boon said. Niall picked her up and went and laid her in a bed where she slowly fell asleep.    -FAST-FORWARD-

Olivia woke up and felt fine.She got up and went over and kissed Niall as he woke up.

"Are you OK,love?"Niall asked as she nodded.

"Where is everyone else?"Olivia asked as Niall sat up.

"I don't know"Niall said.

"Let's go find them"Olivia said as Niall nodded and sat up.Harry and Louis were sleeping,Boon and Liam where swimming,but they couldn't find Tori and Zayn.

"Do you guy's know where Tori and Zayn are?"Olivia asked Boon and Liam.

"Beach"Liam said as he rolled his eyes.


Zayn and Tori where at the beach playing in the sand.

"How is your foot,love?"Zayn asked.

"It still hurts,but I'll be fine"Tori said as he smiled.

"Zayn let me ask you something"Tori said.

"What?"Zayn asked.

"How come your so obsessed with hair?"Tori asked as Zayn chuckled.

"Ha,I don't know why I just am"Zayn said as Tori nodded.

"Why"Zayn asked.

"Just wondering"Tori said.

"Aw,my sandcastle ain't standing up"Tori said as he pouted.

"Here let me help"Zayn said.He came and sat behind her helping her with it.

"Aw,look at that"Olivia said as Zayn and Tori turned around.

"Oh,hey"Zayn said as Niall and Olivia came and sat beside them.

"Are you OK Olivia,they told me what happened"Tori asked her.

"Yea I'm fine"Olivia said.


After talking,laughing and crying Boon,Liam,Louis and Harry came to where they were at.

"We are going hunting,anyone wanna come?"Louis said with a hateful tone.

"No"Niall said as they rolled their eyes and walked back.

"Here let's start going back it's getting dark"Zayn said as they nodded. Olivia and Niall walked hand in hand while Tori was in Zayn's arms. They kept walking and walking,but they stepped on a rope which captured them.So now they where hanging by a tree in a net.

"Well,well,well"Two voices said as they stepped out behind a tree.They looked over and saw Nathan and James....

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