This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


3. The 1D girlfreinds

"Oh,I'm so sorry"Olivia said as she stood up.

"No it was my fault" the boy said as he stood up.

"I should of watche-"Olivia tried to say but stopped because Niall Horan was right in front of her.

"Olivia I heard a thud are you OK" Nathan said as he opened the door.

"Yea I'm fine I ran into him"Olivia said as she pointed to Niall.

"No it was my fault"Niall said.

"OK,well Olivia we are leaving be careful"Nathan said as he kissed her and began walking off.

"Tori come on"James said as he walked out.

"OK"Tori said. Tori walked out and was completely starstruck.

"Omg your Niall Horan"Tori said as he smiled.

"Come on"James said as he pulled her arm.

"So your name is Olivia?"Niall asked.

"Yea"Olivia said as she blushed.

"Well,your name is cute just like you when you blush"Niall said.

"Stop it your making my cheeks redder"Olivia said.

"Haha,it looks like you headed to the pool.Me and the lads were racing on our way down there,they took different ways,but they didn't get to run into a beautiful girl"Niall said.

"Thanks"Olivia said as she blushed yet again.

"Haha,was that your boyfriend the one who kissed you?"Niall asked.

"Yea"Olivia said.

"Oh,well wanna walk with me to the pool?"Niall said as Olivia nodded.

"Me and the lads have girlfriends"Niall said.

"Oh really"Olivia said.

"Yea"Niall said.

"Are they here with you?"Alycia asked.

"Yea,they are in the rooms probably" Niall said.They reached the pool and seen all the guys around it.

"Hey lads look who I ran into"Niall said.

"Wow,Niall you ran into a beautiful girl"Liam said as she blushed.

"Hi"Louis said.

"Hi"Olivia said.

"I'm Harry"he said.

"I did not know that"Olivia said as they chuckled.

"I'm Zayn and I don't like water"Zayn said as he looked at it .Zayn was sitting on the edge of the pool and everyone else was in the water.

"Olivia,the shrimp is amazing"Tori said as she ran up to Olivia with a piece of shrimp in her hand.

"Really?"Olivia said as she took it and ate it.

"Hi I'm Louis" he said as he jumped out of the water and ran up to her.

"I'm Harry and your beautiful"Harry said as she blushed.

"I'm Victoria but people call me Tori" she said.

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON THIS CRUISE IS STUPID!" I guess Louis's girlfriend and the rest said walking up to him.

"Why love,I think its fun"Louis said looking at Tori.


"YEA,I WANNA GO BACK TO THE MANSION"Zayn's girlfriend said as she stopped her foot.

"Well,we can't since we are already on the ship"Niall said.

"DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO"Niall's girlfriend said.

"But I didn't sa-"Niall began to say.

"Don't pick a fight now"Liam said.

"UGH,HARRY I WANNA A ICE COLD WATER"Harry's girlfriend yelled.

"Love,go get one.There over there"Harry said as he pointed to the juice bar.

"UGH!" The girlfriends screamed as they stopped their way over there.

"Wow"Olivia said as they chuckled.

"I wanna swim"Tori said as she looked at the water.

"Go get your swimsuit on"Harry said.

"Nah,I'm good"Tori said as she jumped in the water.

"Your a wild one ain't you"Louis said as he chuckled.

"Yep,and I'm proud of it!"Tori said as she came up.

"Hey Olivia and Tori we are going back to the room"James said as him and Nathan walked up to us.

"OHH THERE CUTE!!!"The 1D girlfriend's said as they ran up to James and Nathan and started to flirt with them.....


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