This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


15. Please remember me

"Um,hi"Olivia said.

"Hello"Nathan said.

"My foot"Tori said as she winced in pain.

"Are you OK love?"Zayn asked.

"No"Tori said as she began to cry.Her foot was hanging out of one of the neat holes.

"What happened to your foot"James asked as he touched it.

"Ow,please don't touch it,it got caught in a bear trap"Tori said.

"Haha,our trap worked"Nathan said.

"Trap"Niall said confused.

"Yea,we figured you girl's were still alive,so we set that to trap ya'll"James said.

"Um,are you trying to trap us or kill us?"Olivia asked.

"Both"James and Nathan said. Just then Nathan and James got a stick up from the ground and started to hit Tori' foot.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"Tori screamed as she began crying harder.

"STOP"Zayn was screaming.

"No"they said.

"OH MY PLEASE STOP"Tori yelled in pain as they began hitting it harder.

"STOP"Olivia was screaming. Tori kept trying and trying to pull her foot up,but she was losing to much blood. Nathan and James stopped hitting her foot than fell to the floor with arrows in their backs.

"What the"Niall said. Harry,Boon,Louis and Liam walked out of the bushes and Boon and Liam had bow and arrows in their hands.

"How is she?"Harry asked.

"She is passing out"Zayn said.

"Here"Liam said. He threw a knife up at Olivia so she could cut them self out of it.Everyone got down safely."Tori,Tori how are youAre you OK?"Louis asked as he laid her carefully on the ground.

"My foot hurts,please help"Tori said slowly.

"Here let me have her"Zayn said.Louis gave her to him and he carried her bridal style.

"I can't lose her,she is my best friend"Olivia said as she began crying.

"You won't lose her"Niall said.

"We need to get back to the camp quickly"Liam said.Everyone began running as fast as they could back to the camp.

"Zayn,I can't breathe"Tori said as she was gasping for air.

"It's OK,you will be OK"Zayn said.After about ten more minutes of running they finally reached back to the camp.


After treating Tori everyone was still worried that she wouldn't make it because she lost to much blood.Everyone feel asleep and it was about noon.


Olivia woke up and saw Tori sitting there looking at her foot.

"How are you feeling?"Olivia asked.

"Um,who are you?"Tori asked as Olivia's eyes went wide and she woke up everyone.

"What Olivia"Niall said as everyone woke up.

"Tori doesn't remember me"Olivia said.

"What"Zayn said as he shot up and ran to her.

"Hey,love"Zayn said.

"Uh,hi"Tori said.

"You don't know who I am do you"Zayn said.

"No"Tori said.Everyone else came around her nervous.

"Do you remember me?"Liam asked.

"I only remember you"Tori said as she pointed to.....

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