This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


19. Not a chance

"Um,a ring"Olivia said.

"But what is it for?"Liam asked.

"Me and Olivia are engaged"Niall said as he took her hand.

"WHAT"Liam yelled as he stood up.

"YAY"Tori yelled. Liam just looked at her.

"Sorry"Tori said.

"OLIVIA I LOVE YOU"Liam yelled.

"I LOVE HER MORE"Niall yelled as he stood up.

"PROVE IT"Liam yelled.

"I DID,I PROPOSED TO HER"Niall yelled.

"Olivia,just give me a chance"Liam said as he took her hand.

"BACK OFF,IN THE WORDS OF LOUIS,SHES MINE"Niall yelled as he took Olivia into the cave.

"Well,that was very awkward"Louis said.


"Shut up"Liam said as he sat back down and put his head in his hands.

"Look Liam,I know Olivia. She will give you a chance,just ask her to ask Niall if they could take a break and if they do,than go out with her. Olivia don't like breaking guys' heart's"Tori said as she sat beside Liam.

"Do you think she will?"Liam asked.

"It doesn't hurt to ask"Tori said. Liam stood up and walked into the cave where Niall and Olivia were.

"Do you really think she will ask Niall t-"Mark tried to say but was cut off by Tori.

"Not a chance"Tori said as they all chuckled.

"Olivia,can I talk to you in private?"Liam asked Olivia while her and Niall were talking.

"Um,sure"Olivia said. Niall rolled his eyes and walked out of the cave.

"OK,do you think maybe you can ask Niall to take a break and you can go out with me.I can show you that I love you more than him"Liam asked.

"Liam,I don't know.You can ask him that,but I'm not"Olivia said as she walked out of the cave and went over there with everyone.

"And that's how I got in the playboys mansion"Chase finished as everyone laughed.

"OK,it's only 8:30"Harry said as he looked at his watch.

"I wanna go to the beach,any one wanna come?"Tori asked.

"I will,because I need to talk to you about something"Olivia said.

"Us to"all the guys said.

"No,we need a girl talk"Tori said.

"Yes,love,but it's dark and there is still many more people on this island"Zayn said.

"Fine,but stay far away from us"Olivia said as they nodded.They were walking through the jungle talking and laughing while Zayn and Louis threw snakes on Harry while Chase and Niall where talking. Mark and Liam were talking,Boon was laughing at Zayn and Louis and Olivia and Tori were making jokes about how weird the guys are.

"STOP THROWING SNAKES ON ME"Harry screamed as everyone stopped and looked at them,Louis had a snake in his hand and he threw it at Harry.

"UGHHHHH"Harry said as he stomped to the beach.Everyone was on the ground laughing at what Louis did.Finally,everyone stood up and kept walking to the beach.Once we got there we saw some people who we didn't expect to see there.....

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