This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


18. I promise

It was about 7 am when everyone woke up. Olivia was talking to Tori trying to gain her memory,Chase and Mark was in the lake,Zayn and Harry were working things out,Niall was trying to find a way to tell Liam that him and Olivia are engaged,and Boon and Louis was hunting for food.

"Listen Liam,me and Olivia are eng-"Niall tried to say but was cut of by Louis.

"WE ARE BACK AND HAVE YUMMY FOOD AND COCONUTS"Louis yelled.Everyone got up and went to go get food except for Tori.

"Here,love"Zayn said as he handed Tori her food and sat beside her.

"Zayn can I ask you a question?"Tori asked Zayn.

"Anything"Zayn said.

"How come I remember Harry and not anyone else?"Tori asked.

"I really don't know,I wish you could either remember me or Olivia"Zayn said.

"Hey,Tori we got you something special"Boon said as him and Alycia walked over to where her and Zayn were.

"What?"Tori asked as she sipped her coconut.

"Boon said that if you eat this it will heal your foot instantly"Olivia said as she handed Tori what looked like a big blueberry.

"Um,OK"Tori said as she took it and ate it.

"I don't feel anything"Tori said.

"Give it about 20 minutes,it will also help you bring your memory back"Boon said.

"Hey Olivia,let me talk to you for a second"Niall said as he pulled Olivia into the cave.

"What is it babe?"Olivia asked.

"I wanna tell everyone that we are engaged"Niall said.

"What about Liam won't he freak out"Olivia asked.

"Here,wear the ring and see if anyone will notice,and by tomorrow if no one notice's than we will just tell them"Niall said as he handed Olivia the ring and she put it on.

"What if we will never get off the island,than we will be stuck on here and never get married"Olivia said as she put her head down.

"Look,if we are not off this island in 12 months,we will get married on here,but we will"Niall said as he lifted Olivia's head.

"Promise?"she asked.

"Promise"he said as he kissed her and they walked out of the cave.When they got out Tori was walking around on her foot.

"It worked"Harry said as he smiled.

"So she remember's?"Olivia asked.

"No,not yet"Zayn said.

"Don't worry she will"Olivia said.

"Hey mind if I join?"Tori asked Chase as she walked over to the pool.

"Jump in"he said.She jumped in and went under the waterfall.

"You know I think your beautiful"Chase said as he swam over to her.

"Thanks,but I have a boyfriend"Tori said.Than it hit her,she remembered.

"Zayn,Zayn"Tori said as she smiled and jumped out of the pool.

"ZAYN,ZAYN"Tori yelled as she was running towards him.

"I REMEMBER"She screamed.He smiled and started running to her.She leaped into his arms and he hugged her.

"Promise me you will never forget me again"Zayn said as he placed his forehead on hers

"Promise"she said as she smiled and they kissed.

"Aw"Olivia said.

"OLIVIA"Tori screamed.

"TORI"Olivia screamed.They ran to each other and hugged.After Tori hugged everyone,they made a campfire and sang and talked.

"Hey Olivia,whats that on your finger?"Liam asked as her eyes went wide.......

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