This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


16. I know now... so yes

Harry."You only remember me?"Harry asked.

"Yea,but I don't remember anyone else"Tori said.

"Oh"everyone else said,but Harry smiled like an idiot.

"Harry talk to Tori and try to gain her memory.Let me talk to you guys"Boon said.Harry sat beside Tori and started to talk to her while Boon and everyone else went to the other side of the camp.

"OK,the reason why Tori don't remember anything is because she lost to much blood.She should remember everything in about a week or so."Boon said.

"So it ain't gonna be like this forever"Zayn asked.

"No,but try to be nice and gentle with her"Boon said.

"How about her foot?"Olivia asked.

"It should be better in about 1 month if she stays off of it"Boon said.

"Oh OK"Everyone said.They all walked back to them and find Harry and Tori kissing.

"WHAT THE"Zayn screamed.

"Oh,hi"Tori said.

"WHATS WRONG WITH YOU"Zayn screamed at her.

"Nothing,I was just kissing my boyfriend"Tori said as she pointed to Harry.

"BOYFRIEND"Zayn yelled confused.

"Yea,he said he is my boyfriend"Tori said.

"Tori,he ain't your boyfriend.He is"Niall said as he pointed to Zayn.

"But he said"Tori said confused.

"Well,he lied"Olivia said.

"Wait,SO YOU LIED SO YOU COULD KISS ME"Tori yelled at Harry.

"Yea,but I di-"Harry began to say,but got cut of because of Tori.

"YOU DISGUST ME"Tori yelled.Harry just got up and went inside the cave.

"That was awkward"Olivia said.

"Yea,I know"Niall said.

"Wanna go to the beach?"Olivia asked Niall as he nodded.As they were walking Niall stopped and just stood there.

"What's wrong babe?"Olivia asked.

"Follow me"Niall said as he grabbed Olivia's hand and started running threw the jungle.

"Haha,where are we going?"Olivia asked smiling.

"You will see"Niall said as he kept running.After running a little while longer their where at the crashed ship.

"Why are we here?"Olivia asked Niall.

"Come inside with me"Niall said.

"OK"Olivia asked confused.He climbed on it and stuck out his hand for her to take it.She took it and climbed up there with him.They where just walking and talking.

"Wanna go in some of the cabins?"Niall asked as Olivia nodded.They went in them and took some stuff that they needed or just wanted.After a couple of minutes in there they made their way off of the ship.


"So your my real boyfriend and your not making it up"Tori asked Zayn.

"I am your real boyfriend,I promise"Zayn said as he smiled.

"Ok,what is your name again"Tori asked as Zayn put his head down.

"Zayn"he said.

"Oh right,and that's Liam"Tori said as she pointed to Louis.

"No,that's Louis"Zayn said.

"Well,where is Liam?"Tori asked.

"Talking to Harry"Zayn said.

"Oh"Tori said.


"There is something I gotta ask you"Niall said to Olivia.

"What?"Olivia asked.They were standing on the beach while looking at sunset. Niall got on one knee and took a ring out of his pocket which made Olivia gasp.

"Olivia,I love you more than anything.Your the best girl I have ever met.Please be Mrs. Horan and marry me"Niall said as Olivia's eyes got wide....

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