This is a story about two girls named Olivia and Tori .they both decide to go on a cruse with there boyfriends Nathan and James. But little did they know they would meet the #1 boy band in the world.


9. Didn't expect that

"GIRLS WAKE UP NOW"The guys screamed as they jumped on Olivia and Tori.

"Um,five more minutes"Tori said as she rolled over.

"NO GET UP NOW"Louis screamed.They jerked them up out of the bed and they were freaking out.

"Guys,calm down"Olivia said.

"THERE IS NO TIME TO CALM DOWN WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW"Liam screamed. Tori and Olivia were confused and the guys were packing,putting everything into the suitcases and stuff.

"Where are we going?"Tori asked as she looked at Louis who was ripping the blankets and pillows off of our beds and stuffing them into a suitcase.

"Something terrible just happened and we need to go deeper into the jungle"Zayn said as he was getting all of the hair supplies and shoving into a bag.

"What happened?"Olivia asked.

"Remember when Boon said weird stuff happens on the island"Niall said as he grabbed all the food and was shoving it into a bag.

"Yea"Olivia said.

"Well,something weird happened"Niall said.

"Where is Boon and Harry?"Tori asked.

"Beach"Louis said.

"Come on we need to go get them"Zayn said.Olivia and Tori started to freak out to.When they got to the beach they started crying and getting scared.

"WHAT HAPPENED"Olivia screamed.

"We don't know"Harry and Boon said as they walked over to us with more food,blankets,pillows,etc.There was dead bodies all over the beach.The sand was red from all the blood.All the bodies had every bone in there body broken.Dead bodies were everywhere.

"WHO DID THIS"Tori screamed as she and Olivia began crying.

"I don't know.There is no one alive.There is really weird and creppy things on this island.We don't know if it was a human or a animal,but we need to go now before it comes back"Boon said. Tori clenched on to Harry and Olivia clenched on to Liam.

"Where are we going?"Olivia asked.

"First,to the other side of the island to see if there is anyone on there.We need to gather as much people as we can"Niall said.

"But what about the food.We won't have enough"Tori said.

"Yea,and what if the people are mean and crazy"Olivia said.

"Trust us,there is plenty of food on the island and we won't let nothing happen to you girls"Zayn said.

"Oh my gosh,how long have we been walking?"Louis said.

"16 minutes"Harry said looking at his watch.

"This reminds me of the Hunger Games"Tori said.

"Yea it does"Olivia said.After walking about 3 more hours Not including the breaks and the time they had to stop Niall from eating the poison fruit,getting Louis to stop crawling on the ground and to walk with his feet they reached the other side of the island.

"well,nobody's here"Liam said.

"Ugh,are we staying on the beach?"Zayn asked.

"No,because the human or thing that killed those people probably don't want nobody on the island.So we need to stick together and stay in the jungle"Boon said.As they turned around to head back they came face to face with a seven men who had blood all over them and were smiling...

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