Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


6. Chapter 6.



 Harrys pov; 


 Right now im meeting kali at starbucks so we can talk  & catch up some more. I walk in and see kali sitting at a booth, i go to sit next her. 

 "Hey!" Kali says exciting

 "Whats up" I say

 "Just sittin in a booth at starbucks.." she giggles

  Aw, her little laugh is so cute!

 "Me too! What time do you start working?" I asked, looking at the drink options. 

 "Right now it's 11:45 sooo I have to start at 12:15" She replies to a text she had gotten. 

 "Oh so we have a while to talk, and oooo who ya textin'?" 

 "Louis." she smiles. 

 Wow, she has a beautiful smile. 


  Kali's pov; 

  I am so glad me and Harry have caught up, and have been hanging out. I really like being around him, but the sucky thing is.. he has a girlfriend.. and I know and me Louis kinda have a thing but I like Harry. A lot for that matter, and I mean Louis is great and all but not like Harry. There's just something about him that I like so much.. 

  Harrys pov;


  Wow, she has a beautiful smile. but she's texting Louis... yay. Louis doesn't even want her like I want her! Oh... I guess I do want Kali and I do like her? a lot. I want her, but not the way Louis wants her, ya know? I want to go on dinner dates, he wants just ONE sex date. I want to call her my girlfriend, not my sex buddy like louis. I like her the way Louis doesn't. But she wants HIM, not ME. 

 "Oh, Louis? Do you like him?" I try to sound like I care.. 

 "A little.." She confesses. 

 "A little? I thought you liked him a lot?"

 "Eh.." She looks around the coffee shop. 

 Oh, so maybe I DO have a shot....

  "kali, I need to tell you something.." I started. 

 "What is it?" 

 "Louis. He doesn't want you the way you think, he wants... a um.. a.. one nightstand with you!" Huh, that was harder than i thought...

 "Harry.. what makes you think that?" She says quietly. 

 "I over heard him and Luke talking about it at the Bon Fire." 

 "Oh. Im sure you were wrong." She stood up. 

 "No. Please. I don't want you getting hurt. Kali, just listen to me. Do not go over to Louis's flat tomorrow night." I stood up to. 

 "Goodbye Harry." She said and left. 

  kali's pov;

 I couldn't believe Harry would say that about Louis. I mean there's no way louis would do that, right? Ugh, I don't know what to think. To believe Harry.. or to not? After I left Starbucks I realized how dumb that was because I had to go back in like 15 mins for work anyways. But I just went to the park across the street. Hoping Harry wouldn't follow me. As I was parking I got a text from Louis 

 From: Louis (: 

 'Hey (: Im so sorry but im gonna have to cancel our plans tomorrow /:'

 To: Louis (: 

 'Oh thats fine.. could I come over tonight instead?' 

 From: Louis (: 

 'Yes, that'll work (;' 

 To: Louis (: 

 'Okay, i get off of work at 5:45, text ya after (;' 

  Ten minutes have pasted and now it's time for work... yay..


 ******************************* After Work ********************************** 


  After I was done with working, I head back to my house to get changed. I changed into sweats, and a white t-shirt with my sparkly sliver toms & my hair in a messy bun. 

 Oh and did I mention that when I was done working I had 23 txts from harry and 4 missed calls from him? I didn't text him back though.. I'll text him later. I texted Louis to let him know I was on my way to his flat. I got there and there was another car there...

 I walked in to see Harry and Louis yelling at each other. As soon as I stepped in they both just stare at me like im some kind of rare breed of bird or something. 

 "Ummm. What's going on?" I ask awkwardly. 

 "Louis? Why don't you tell her." 

 "Tell me what?" I questioned. 

 "Fine! This was all a bet. Me, liking you, and the bet was that I had to get you into bed with me after 2 days of meeting you.." He confesses. When he said that i felt like a ton of bricks just came toppling all over me. I couldn't speak, I just stood there. But then I just walked out. Harry followed behind me. Calling my name. 

 Harry's pov; 

 I called Louis and asked him what he was doing he said kali was coming over so I needed her to know the truth. I got there and told Louis she doesn't deserve this and that if HE didn't tell her.. I was going to no matter what. And when kali came walking through that door.. I just.. wow. she looked absoutly perfect, even though she was in sweats and her hair was back. She looked so sad when Louis told her truth, I knew this would happen. I just needed her in my arms. I ran after her calling her name until she finally stopped and looked at me. 

 "Kali! Wait!" I shouted. "kali!" 

 "What Harry!? Are you just gonna say "I told you so?!" cause if you are I dont want to hear it!" She cries to me. 

  "Love.. no. Come here." I hugged her so tight. her head was perfectly at the center of my chest. I could her hug forever. "Are you alright?" I asked her pulling out of our hug. 

 "Yeah... I guess so.. I mean I didn't really like him that much anyway.." she sniffled and laughed at the same time. and I smiled at her. 

 "Do you wanna sleep over at my flat tonight love?" I asked her, looking into her beautiful green eyes. 

 "Sure" she smiled.

 I lead her to where my car was, and we both get inside.


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