Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


5. Chapter 5.



  Louis pov; 


 "Hello?" kali answered her phone. 

 I think it was Harry sounded like it, but I didn't think he had her number? I don't know, but one easy thing about this bet is that I don't have to worry about anyone stealing Kali away from me. The only person that is able to do that would be Harry, but he can't because he has a girlfriend. So there was a good thing about this but I really hope Kali doesn't find this was a bet. I was torn out of my thoughts when I finally realized kali was saying my name. 


 "Oh sorry.. just thinking. Who was that?" I asked. 

 "Harry, he wants to hang tomorrow so I told him to come by my work whenever tomorrow." She walks to the driver seat door. 

 "Oh. I thought he didn't have your number?" I followed behind her. 

 "Niall gave it to him." She opens her door and gets in and closes her door and rolls her window down. 

 "Cool. Well see you sunday?" 

 "Yes." she smiles. and then she slowly starts off down the road. 

 After she leaves I got back inside and sit down on Nialls couch. I wonder if kali is going to be easy or not... i hope easy. I then get a text from harry. 

 From: Hazza! 

 dude, i know what you're going to do kali. please dont, it's not right. 

 To: Hazza! 

 Um how do you know about the bet?

 From: Hazza! 

 I heard you and Luke over talking about it. I just don't want to see her get hurt.. again. 

 To: Hazza!

  What? What do you mean by 'again'?

 From: Hazza!

 nvm, but please, don't hurt her. 


  Hmm. Im wondering what that whole thing about her getting hurt is about.. 

  Harrys pov; 

 damn it! I need to stop her and Louis from getting together. She does NOT belong with him! But I need someone else to get her mind off him, someone to change her mind. I have someone in mind but it'll mean he has to break up with his girlfriend... 







 I think I have feelings for Kali, but I doubt she feels the same. She likes Louis. Well im pretty sure she does... but I know what I have to do. 



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