Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


29. Chapter 29.


 I got the dress (shown below) and I alreadyhave some heels to go perfectly with it. I showed up at my house just in time because Lou came like 5 minutes after me. She did my make up, in a smokey eye kinda way, and my hair was curled into a half up-half down style, it was really cute. 

 I paid Lou and said thank you and she left at 7:45 so about 15 more minutes until Austin shows up. I had some time so I decided to go on Instagram, I was on my news feed when I saw a picture of Eleanor and Louis together all dress up, they looked so happy.. I wish me and Harry were like that... 



 I commented on it, "You guys look so happy! Love ya!" Right after I sent it, the door bell rang. I popped up and answered it. It was Austin of course. 

 "Wow. You look stunning!" Austin looks me up and down. 

 "Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself." I laugh locking the door behind me, we got into the limo he had planned for us. 

 "So what is the premiere for?" I asked, looking at my phone.

 "I have no honestly, but I got invited, so why not go?" He laughs, and I laughed too. 

 We finally arrived at the premiere at 8:30, we walked down the red carpet, something I've always wanted to do, but with Harry by my side, or the girls. Austin and I posed next to each other for photos to be taken. 

 "Ready to go in and have some fun?!" Austin shouted, pulling my arm. 

 "Guess so!" I laughed hard. We got into the place where everyone was at. There were so many celebrities here!

 "Oh my god! Is that Brad Pitt?!" I yelled in Austin's ear. 

 "Holy shit Kali! Im right here! and yes!" He rubbed his ear.

 "Hey bro!" Cody Simpson and his sister walk up to Austin. 

 "What up dude."  Austin says, I try not to laugh. 

 "Who's this?" Ali asks, looking at me. 

 "I'm Kali." I smiled. 

 "I'm Ali, and this is my brother Cody." She says. 

 "Yeah.. I noticed." I laughed. 

 "Are you guys like an item?" Cody asks. 

 "Noo. I have a boyfriend." I say and Austin nods his head. 

 "Who?" Ali asks. 

 "Harry." I smiled and I could feel my cheeks turn red. 

 "Styles?!" Ali shouted.

 "Yes, that's the one!" I laughed. 

 "Oh my god. He's so hot." She laughs.

 "I know." I smirk.

 After that, me and Ali go off and have some drinks then go to the dance floor. We were so drunk, that me and her actually went up to Brad Pitt and grinded on him, but the good thing is he let us! Austin and I were dancing next to Ali, Cody, Ryan (Beatty) Cameron (Dallas) Selena (Gomez) Justin (Bieber) all though Justin and Selena weren't really dancing, they were making out.. which was kinda awkward but we were all shit faced, so we didn't care. My mind wasn't on Harry, and I probably wasn't on his. 


 - Harry's pov; 

 We all got the club and as soon we got on the dance floor, Taylor and acacia were all over me! I couldn't help but think about Kali. I remember how I lost her the first time because I was drunk and that's not gonna happen again, im not losing her. Right now, she's probably saying im a horrible boyfriend to her while she's crying her eyes out, but that's not gonna happen. i left Drinks about 2 hours after we were there. 

 I drove to Kali's house to tell her sorry and how I over reacted. I knocked on her door, she didn't answer. The lights were on though, I don't know why she's not answering. I texted her; 

  To; Kalliii<3 

 'Babe, why won't you answer the door?!' 

 I didn't get a response back. I just sat on the ground, when my phone went off because I got a twitter mention. It was a picture of Kali, Cameron, Austin, Selena, Ali and Justin all together smiling and dancing. She was at the premiere! 

 I called her, but that didn't because she was probably drunk as shit. I went home and hopped in the shower. When I got out, I went straight to bed.  

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