Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


26. Chapter 26.



 -Harry's pov; 


 Kali was telling me stories about us, then she told the one about me her and Niall. Then, all of it came flooding back to me. The memories, everything. I remembered who she was, I remembered who everyone was. I remembered the accident, and how it went. It was horrible. The last thought in my head was Kali, and that time we were in California, we were on the beach just standing there in the water. I opened my eyes quickly. 

 "Kali." I said excitingly.

 "What Harry? Are you ok!?" 

 "I remember everything now! Oh my gosh, kali come here." She walked towards me crying and hugged me.

 "Why are you crying love?" I asked.

 "Because I thought I lost you."

 "You didn't. I love you so much!" I hugged her tighter. 

 "I love you too Hazza." I laughed and so did she while wiping tears away. 

 "Will you go get everyone?" I asked, she nodded and left the room. About 5 minutes later everyone was in my room. 

 "Liam? I thought you were in a bed too." 

 "I was. But I was ok enough to be let out." 

 "Ohh." Liam nodded. 

 "So Harry, you say you remember everything?" Louis said in a very weird voice while walking around and rubbing his chin. I nodded, "Ok, I am going to ask a few questions.." 

 "Ok, hit me." I say. 

 "1. What's my nick name? 2. What is Liam afraid of? 3. What's mine and yours song? Hmmm?" Everyone laughed at the questions. 

 "1. Lou bear. 2. Spoons. 3. Oath by Cher Lloyd." I say with sass. 

  "DO YOU REMEMBER!" Louis dramatically says hugging me. 

 "Well.. can we go now?" I asked. 

 "I'll go get the doctor." Zayn says. 



  ------- 2 days later ------

 "Louis! Can you not!?" Bethany yells at Louis for taking a sip out of her dr. pepper. 

 "'Louis! Can you not!?'" Louis mocks back, making everyone laugh. It's just us teenagers hanging out together in Melbourne, in our suit hotel. Kali and Liam made wings for dinner and we're all watching Pretty Little Liars because the girls made us guys watch it. 

 "You guys act like a married couple." Kali laughed. 

 "Like you and Harry don't!" Louis said stuffing his face with wings. 

 "Well that's different lou. me and kali are actually dating.. you guys aren't.." I say. 

 Louis just stuck his tongue out at me. 

 "When are you girls leaving?" Niall asked. 

 "Sunday. We HAVE to be back at school by tuesday." Ari answers. 

 "Awe, im gonna miss you." Niall kisses ariana on the cheek. Yes, they are officially dating.

 "The good thing is that we have only two more months!" Zayn shouts. 

 "True." Liam agrees. 

 "So. What's the album called?" Bethany asked. 

 "Midnight Memories." Zayn answered

 (I skipped all the other albums, but they did have the other 2 albums in the story.)

 "That sounds interesting." Ariana laughed. 

 "Yeah.." Kali started cracking up. 

 "Well guys im gonna go get in the shower." Ariana puts her dishes in the sink and goes into her room. 

 -Kali's pov; 

 "Guys. I have something to ask you guys.."   I say. 

 "Sure. what is it babe?" Harry asks. 

 "Ariana is an amazing singer, you guys would not believe it! Do you think she could be your opening act your tour?" 

 "She is? And it's really not up to us. We'll have to talk to management about that." Louis says.

 "Oh yeah, shes incredible. But you guys will definitely ask right?" Bethany asks

 "Of course!" Niall says. And then Ariana walks back down with a confused look on her face and we all laugh. 

 "What?" She sits next to Niall. 

 "Well. We heard you could sing.." Zayn laughs. 

 She gave me and bethany a dirty look and we just smiled back. 

 "Did Kali and Bethany say they can sing too?"

 "You can?" Harry suprisingly says. 

 I just shrugged my shoulders, it was true. I could sing, well all three of us actually.

 "Sing for us!" Liam shouted. 

 "What do you want us to sing?" I asked.

 "Hmmm... sing What Makes You Beautiful." Louis smirked. 

 "Fine.." Me, ari, and bethany stood up and stood up next to each other and started singing. 




 "Daammmn! Girls got talent!" Niall laughs. 

 "You guys should be in a band." Harry suggests. Me and the girls look at each other. 

 "We should!" Bethany says.

 "Hm. Band names?" I ask, looking around. 

 "What about... 'White Girls?" Louis says laughing. 

 "Louis shut up." Bethany said. 

 "What about 'Chic?!'" I jumped. 

 "I LOVE IT!" Bethany and Ari said at the same time. 


 "Well, Harry lets go to bed im tiiired.." I rested my head on his shoulder.

 "lets go then love." We went to our room and fell right asleep. 


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