Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


24. Chapter 24.


 -Kali's pov

  "Is this cute guys?" I held up a cheetah print romper that was quite hideous.. 

  "Oh yeah.. Harry would totes get hard if he saw you in that!"Bethany laughed.

 My phone started ringing, so I pulled my phone out of my back pocket to see who it was, it was... Simon? 


 "Hey Simon! What's up?" I said, and Ari and Bethany have there heads up to the phone trying to listen too. 

 "Hi Kali, uhm, the boys were on they're way to an interview and.. they umm.." simon said at the end he starts to sound weak.. 

 "Simon? What happned?" I said I was really worried now. 

 "They got into a car accident." 

 "What?! Are they okay!?" I shouted. Bethany and Ari covered there mouths and stepped away. 

 "Well.. Zayn, Louis, and Niall are okay.." He says. 

 "Oh thank god! But what about Liam and Harry!?" 

 "We don't know yet Kali, im sorry.." I started to cry and dropped my phone out of my hands. Ariana and Bethany hugged me, knowing I needed it. The feeling of having 2 of the most people your close too, especially you're boyfriend, and knowing they might... not make it.. makes you wanna throw up everywhere. You feel like you have this hole in your stomach that never goes away. 

 "I wanna leave." I pulled away from the hug, and started walking out of the store we were in. We walked out of the mall, and of course.. paps were there. The most there ever been. The 3 of us walked through the crowd, with questions being thrown at me. 

 We finally made it to my car, and I got in and instantly started crying again. I decided to call my mom and tell her everything, she started crying too. 


 We finally made it back to my house and I went upstairs and cried, I cried a lot. Ariana came up to my room and said Anne, and Gemma were here. I ran down stairs, and stopped when I saw there faces drop when they saw how upset I was. They started crying, and I walked towards them. Anne gave me a hug, and so Gemma. 

 "Have you heard anything from Simon for anyone yet?" I asked them, and they both nodded no. 

 "We're going to Australia tomorrow. I think you should come Kali." Anne said. It was a perfect idea! 

 "Oh my god anne! What a lovely idea!!"

 "I've already talked to your mom, and it's okay with her. Oh and did Harry mention he left four plane tickets for you? To see him whenever you wanted?" I just now remembered that! But he only mentioned 1. 

 "Oh yes! But the only mentioned 1.." I said.

 "He got four." Gemma said.  

 I looked at Ari and Bethany. Knowing they could go with me. 

 "Are you thinking what im thinking!?" I shouted at them. 

 "WE'RE GOING WITH YOU!" They shouted back, causing Anne and Gemma to laugh.

 "We leave at 9:30 am, make sure your packed and it's okay with your parents girls." Anne said before leaving out the front door. 

 "Guys! Go home and ask your parents if you can go! If you can pack your stuff and either come back or come by tomorrow morning at 7! HURRY!!" I practically pushed them out the door. 

 ------- Few Hours Later ------- 

 I got a text message from Louis? 

 From; Louis!

 hey love! im sure you know what happened and all, but we're all alive! don't worry! Harry and Liam are just a bit banged up ;( hope your holding in alright. 

 To; Louis!

 thats great lou! & oh my goddd i really hope they'll be okay! I've been crying all day! ;( 

 From; Louis! 

 im so sorry kali! 

 To; Louis!

 anne, gemma, my friends Ariana, Bethany and I are coming tomorrow though so i'll see you guys! 

 From; Louis!

 good! can't wait! well i'll let you go, x. 


 Im so excited to see everyone but then the thought of Liam and Harry bring me to tears all over again.  

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