Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


23. Chapter 23.



    I lay on my bed with head phones on listening to Slow It Down by The Lumineers. I was just texting Harry, and messing around on my phone. I swear every minute i get a new mention on twitter. Either DM'S or tweets, people send a lot more hate than love that's for sure. This one girl said "Ew, you're so ugly i dont know why harry would want to date a dog like you." stupid shit like that. But then there's also the tweets that actually get to me; "could you all do us a favor and kill your self already? like god damn, no one likes you, you dont even have friends. NO ONE LIKES YOU!" and that was true... i mean DO have friends a lot actually but none I would call my best friend.

  It's been a month since my mom said I would have to live on my own, it's been about 2 weeks since she left for america. I miss her a lot and it doesn't help that Harry is gone either. But me and this girl Bethany have become really good friends over the past few weeks, we've hung out a lot. She is really popular at school, everyone knows her, she's also a cheerleader. She's one of those girls that has every guy falling her, but she doesn't really have time for boys so she doesn't even bother with them. Our group at school is Bethany, Ariana, and me. Everyone calls us the "populars" real original right? But we all hang out with other people too, mostly the jocks, and the other cheerleaders, so no wonder they call us that. And everyone at school thinks im practically a celebrity, because Harry Styles is my boyfriend, and I've been in A LOT of magazines too. 


 Me and Harry are really good too. Even though we haven't seen each other in a month, we've skyped every night. Only three more months and all of this will be over, and I can't wait. While im sitting on my bed the door bell rings and im wondering who would be at my door at 11 o'clock on a Friday night? I look through the peep hole to see who it was but whoever was there was covering it with their finger. I start freaking out and thinking it was some rapist, but i calmed down and slowly open the door.. when Ariana and Bethany tackle me. 

 "You ass holes! You had me thinking you were some murder!" I shout closing the door behind me. 

 "Yeah, that was our plan!" Ariana giggled and skipped to the kitchen. 

 (Ariana is represented as Ariana Grande btw.!) 

 "So being the great friends that we are we got you Starbucks, and Alfredo from Olive Garden." Bethany smiled handing me the tall Vanilla Bean, and a plastic container with my favorite dish. 

 "Thank you guys so much!" I hugged them both. 

 "So.. how about we watch a movie?" Ariana suggested jumping onto to the couch, while me and Bethany follow her. 

 "Sure, what movie?" I asked. 

 "The Notebook!!" Bethany shouted, so I put the movie into the DVD player and we all watched. 

 -------After The Movie------- 

 "Oh my gosh. I always cry at the end!" I sniffled, Ariana and Bethany nodded. 

 "Im so tired.." I say. 

 "Well. Lets hit the hay!" Bethany loudly said.

 "Isn't that what people in the United States say?" Ariana laughed. 

 "Yes, but I like it." 

 i just laughed and went upstairs to my room, with them behind me. I checked my phone to see thousands of notifications. Harry had texted me and called me several times, I forgot to text him back. 

 "Shit!" I mumbled.

 "What?" Bethany asked. 

 "I forgot to text Harry back." I said texting him back. 

 "Ohhh." Ariana says, that reminds me to tell her what Niall said! I forgot!

 "Oh my god! Ari! I forgot to tell you, that Niall wants to meet you!" 

 "SHUT.UP!" She yells. 

 "No im serious! He asked me if I had any "hot" friends and I talked about you and he said you sound cute and that he wants to get to know you!" I explain. 


 "Yeah, i'll talk to him tomorrow about you guys, but im so tired so im going to sleep. You guys can either sleep in here with me, or sleep in my moms room, or the spare room." They both race to my moms room, they loved her bed, but Ari was stuck with the spare room. 

  I fell asleep instantly. 

  -Harry's pov 

 -------Next Day------- 

 I woke up the next day with Louis's arm around me, he was totally wasted last night, we had a blast! It was the release of the perfume, so there was a massive party. It was a lot of fun, I wish Kali was there though.. 

 I walked out of the bed room Louis and I were in, and Liam and Zayn were watching tv, so I joined them. 

 "Li, what do we have today?" Zayn asked liam and I was curious what we had going on today too. 

 "Interview for the radio station." Liam replied. 

 "Ohhhh." I said. 

 I kinda liked radio interviews because you don't have to get all dressed up special for it. 

 -------Few Hours Later-------

 "ARE YOU LADS READY?!" Paul, our body guard yells as he walks in our hotel room. 

 "YES MOM!" We all shout back at same time and then laugh about it as Paul walks towards us. 

 "Let's go then!" He said pushing us out the door. 


 We get into the big black Suburban, and we drive away. I was by the window, Niall was next to me, then Zayn, and Liam and Louis were in the last row of seats. We were on the freeway and there was something in the road, when all of a sudden a semi truck crashed right into the side of our car. The side that I was sitting on.. 

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