Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


21. Chapter 21.


 kali's pov; 


 "EVERYONE UP!" I hear Liam yell outside my bed room door. I was laying down and heard Harry next to me say something. 

 "Babe... are you up?" He whispers in that deep raspy morning voice. 

 "No. Are you?" I laugh with my head under my pillow. 

 "No. Let's just lay here until we HAVE to get up, ok?" He pulls me closer to him and we both drift back to sleep. 



 -About 20 minutes later- 

 I was awaken, well kind of I heard footsteps in my room and that made me get up a bit, but Im still laying down with my head into my pillow and Harry's arms still around me. 

 "Here let me see that!" Louis whines, stepping closer. All of a sudden I feel wet drops all on top of me and Harry. Then the 4 boys get onto my bed jumping and yelling, being well.. them selves. 

 "Guys! Go away!" Harry throws a pillow at them, and put my head up to look at them and flip them off before laying back down. 

 "Harry you do realize that we have to simon at 9:45 and it's 9:50 right?" Liam laughs. 

 "Oh shit!" Harry yells and jumps out of bed, while the other boys start laughing so hard. I knew what they were doing, so I start to laugh a bit too. Harry gets up and runs to the bathroom, throwing some jeans, a white v neck, and his black shoes on. 

 "Why are you laughing?" Harry asks leaning against the wall, looking hot... as usual. I decided to get up. 

 "We're leaving at 12, for England. To meet Simon, tomorrow!" Louis laughs. 

 "You asses." Harry shouts and leaves the room, whilst the boys follow behind him. I pulled out some clothes and got changed into leggings, and a white shirt that says love with a heart on it with my jean jacket and black sandals. My hair is still curly from yesterday so I leave it and do my make up light. I walk down stairs and the boys are watching The Biggest Loser. I sit down next to Harry and Zayn. 

 "So Kali... I have a question.." Niall asks during the commercial. 

 "Huh?" I say. 

 "Do you have any hot friends?" Everyone starts laughing.

 "Oh god Niall.. I have friends, but I don't know if they're hot.." I laugh. 

 "Who's you closest friend?" He asks. 


 "Cute name. What's she look like?" 

 "She has long light brown hair, she's the same height as me and she's real skinny, she's alot like you actually. You'd like her." I explain. 

 "Where does she live?" He asks.

 "Well you know where I live.." he nods "she lives in the house behind me." 

 "Ohhhh. Well you HAVE to introduce us when we get back!" 

 "Okay Niall." I laugh. 



 -Time Skip To When They Arrive Back In England- 

 We just left the airport and we are getting drove back to our houses. 

 "I don't wanna go back to school..." I looked out the window of the limo. 

 "Why?" Zayn asks. 

 "Because.. everyone knows who I am, they know about me and harry. they treat me different.. and EVERYONE knows who I am." 

 "Do people give you hate?" Louis asks sharply. I was kind of suprised by his tone and I think everyone else was too. 

 "Well not until Harry kissed that girl... before everyone just wanted to be my friend and wanted pictures and stuff like that. But when they heard and saw pictures of harry and that girl kissing, they said  some really messed up stuff that I started to think that was true.." I said.

 "What'd they say?" Harry worriedly asked. 

 "Like 'Harry cheated on you because he doesn't really like you, he just wants your v- card.' or 'Harry's too good for a girl like you. of course he'd cheat on you.' and 'Even Harry doesn't like you he couldn't wait til you left so he could do that with someone else, he doesn't even like you.'" 

 "Babe.. im so sorry. why didn't you tell me this before?" Harry asked. 

 "Because I didn't think it was that much of a deal I guess." 

 We just pulled up to my house and all of us were getting out of the limo to say goodbye. Harry and Zayn got my bags out. 

 "Well. Guess this is good bye.. for now. I'll miss you." Niall brings me in for a hug, and I look at Harry confused by what Niall just said. 

 "Wait what? What do you mean Niall?" I questioned. 

 "Don't you know?" Niall looked around. I shook my head looking at Harry. 

 "We're going to Australia for 3 months to get everything going, our album, perfume, interviews and stuff like that." Liam says. 

 How couldn't Harry tell me this? He's going to be gone for 3 months and he doesn't tell me. 

 I looked at Harry in awe, and tears started to form. I ran inside, leaving my bags outside and Harry ran behind me. I slammed the front door hoping it give me time to get in my room. I ran upstairs and my mom asking me what was wrong but I ignore her. 

 I was upstairs just about to reach my room when I looked back and saw Harry still running after me. I slammed my door and collasped on my bed. Harry busted through the door. 

 "Kali I wanted to tell you. But I just couldn't find the words... im sorry.." he whined. 

 "Harry it isn't that hard to say!" I shouted back. 

 "I didn't want to hurt you, and I didn't want you to feel like what happened when I kissed that girl. I thought if you knew that I was going to be away... you wouldn't trust me, and that you would leave me again. I don't want that. You're the best thing that ever possibly happen to me. You're the girl i''ve liked and wanted. I love you." Harry let out. I just stood trying to take in what he just said. 

 "Harry.. okay you're kind of right, when you're gone i'll be a little worried. But I trust you okay? And I love you too." I say, and I wrapped my hands around Harry's neck, and rested my head against his chest. 

 "Im going to miss you so much." He whispers. 

 "I know, i'll miss you so so so much." I say back, my eyes starting to water. Harry lifted my chin with his finger and looked into my eyes. I loved looking at his beautiful green eyes. He kissed me. I kissed back, he lifter my legs up so they were wrapped around his upper half of his body. He set me down on m bed, still kissing. We broke apart then he started to talk again. 

 "I have an idea." he smirked. 

 "And that is..." I laughed. 

 "I should spend the night and i'll drive you to school tomorrow. then we can say good bye there so people know the truth about us." 

 "Hmm.. not bad Styles, but is this a way to get me in bed with you tonight?" I joked. 

 "Ha-ha no. If I wanted to have sex with you... I'd just make the right moves." He smirked and kissed me again. I'm going to miss him so much. 

 Me and Harry went back downstairs. My mom, and the rest of the boys were all talking. 

 "Is everything okay?" My mom asked. Me and Harry nodded. I walked over to my mom and hugged her. 

 "Mom, I've missed you." I say. 

 "Dear I've you missed too." She replies. 

 "So listen.. me and Harry have a question.." I looked at Harry, and he walked over to me, placing his arm around my waist resting it on my lower back. 

 "Harry is leaving for Australia tomorrow he's going to be gone for 3 months... and I was wondering if he could sleep over tonight?" I asked. 


 "Please. It's not like you haven't known Harry his whole life.." I say. Harry added, "yeah. pretty please?" he made a puppy dog face at my mom, causing her to laugh. 

 "Ugh fine. But one thing... NO SEX!" She laughs.

 "Obviously.." I joked. 

 "Okay. Well we better going lads, the driver is waiting for us." Louis stands up. The boys all walk out saying good bye to my mom. Me and Harry walk them out. 

 "Welll.Good bye.. AGAIN." Niall laughs and we hug. Then me and Zayn said good bye, then Liam, and then Louis. When they left me and Harry went back inside. We went up to my room. 

 "Im gonna get in the shower babe." I tell harry. 

 "Yeah.. I need one too.." he says looking around, knowing what he meant. He wanted to get in with me. 

 "Ugh fine..." I laugh.

 "YESSS!!!!!!" He shouts taking his clothes off, like a little kid. 

 "Do you need help babe?" He asks while im looking for pj's. 

 "With what?" I asked. 

 "Getting your clothes off.." He said standing right behind me, he put his hands around me on my stomach. It sent chills through my body. I turned to face him, and took my shorts off, and he knew to do the rest. Once we got in the shower, Harry looked me up and down. I just laughed at him because I saw him getting hard. 

 "What?" He asked. 

 "Your hard." I said. 

 "Kinda hard not to when my beautiful girlfriend is naked infront of me." He laughed, and started to kiss my neck. 

 -------After The Shower------- 


 Harry and I both got dressed and slipped into my bed in each others arms. I couldn't imagine him leaving me for 3 months.. 

 "Harry?" I say.

 "Yes love?" 

 "I love you." 

 "I love you too babe." Soon we both drifted to sleep. 


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