Hidden Love

"Yes Harry Edward Styles, I will be your girlfriend." Kali Thompson says to her new boyfriend that she's known ALL her life. Her and Harry were very close as children but some how they stopped talking and Kali doesn't know why.. until she finally knows after this time. Will her and Harry's relationship last? Harry swore to himself that nothing was coming between them. Is that true?


2. Chapter 2.


  When he said his name, a million flashbacks came to me. Niall Horan was one of my best friends (well we used to be best friends) "Marcels" friend. Marcel and Niall were very close and im not sure if they still are. Me and Marcel knew each since we were born well he is a yr older than me but still. Me and Marcel lost touch and honestly i dont know why.. 

 "Niall Horan." my stomach dropped. 

 "Oh my gosh! I don't know if you remember me but im Kali Thompson, I was Marcels best friend a loonngg time ago!" I say

 "Oh yeah! How are you?" 

 "Im good, me and my mom are moving are moving closer to town." 

 "That seems exhuasting.. but hey um tonight im having a bon fire at my house you should come." 

 "Ya that'd be nice, what's you number? I'll text you and let you know if im coming." I pulled my phone out my pocket

 "Here.. you go.." Niall said putting his number into my phone. 

 "Thanks. It was nice seeing you!" I smiled 

 "Sure was!" Niall brings me in for a hug. 

 After Niall walks off I finish putting the boxes into the truck and head back inside. My mom was putting some more stuff away in boxes.

 "Hey mom guess who i just ran into?" 


 "Niall Horan." 

 "That boy you and marcel used to play with??" she asks.

 "Yeah, and he's having a bon fire tonight at his house and he wants me to come, so can i?" I ask with a biig smile. 

 "Yeah I guess so. What time?" 

 "Um im not sure let me text him." I pulled out my phone and went to his name and composed a new message; 

 'hey its kali(: what time is the bon fire tonight?' 

 I almost instantly get a reply 

 '6:45 - to whenever, my parents are out of town for a week so doesnt matter (;' 

 'ohh nice. and i can come (: whos all going?' 

 'kids from school & Marcel. but he's going by "Harry" now, and he's completly changed his whole look.. you'll be suprised when you see him. Do you think you can come by earlier to help me set up?(:' 

 'oh wow.. and yeah sure thing, what time?' 

 'like an hour or so? If thats fine for you.' 

 'thats perfect. whats your address?' 

 '2524 W. Stoneridge Dr.' 

 'alright thx, i'll text when im on my way (:' 

 'alright byyeee cx' 

  I can't believe im going to see "Harry" tonight for the first time in 10 years, so I NEED to look good. 

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